Xbox 360 sales rocket in Europe

GfK-ChartTrack data shows that the console outsold PlayStation 3 across the entire region (Europe) and in particular has seen significant gains in markets like France, Spain and Italy, where it has been outselling PlayStation 3 week after week. Xbox 360 has sold more than seven million consoles in Europe since its launch in November 2005 with sales up year-over-year 124% versus 43% for Wii and 3% for PlayStation 3.

Chris Lewis, Regional Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business EMEA, said: "November was a very significant milestone for Xbox – we sold the most consoles ever in our history in Europe, and are outselling PlayStation 3 week-on-week across Europe. Since the reduction in the Xbox 360 ERP in September, bringing the entry-level price point for Xbox 360 down to EURO 179.99/£129.99, consumers have responded enthusiastically to the Xbox 360 offering. Our strong partnerships with retail and with publishers have played a big role in this success – we are working closely with retail to ensure a steady supply of consoles throughout the Christmas season, and third-party games have been selling well on the Xbox 360 platform and providing great choice for consumers.

"In the current economic conditions, consumers are more cautious than ever and looking for more value for their entertainment spend," said Lewis. "Xbox 360 delivers that value - we're now the best-value next-gen console on the market and this positive momentum indicates Xbox 360 is offering the right blend of gaming and entertainment experiences at the right price."

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pp3631d ago

Hahahahhaha its over Sony your only hanging around because of Japan everywhere else your completely and utterly being destroyed in sales.I feel sad sort of for all those loosers who brought a PS3 i really do.

Fishy Fingers3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I fail to comprehend your logic. Why would Sony sales in anyway effect someone who owns a PS3? Does it mean they will cancel KZ2 or GOW3? Nope. Do increased sales make your current games look or play better? Nope.

I feel sorry for anyone of affiliates themselves to a multinational conglomerate for no reason and with no return. I thought gamers where interested in games. But this generation has ushered a new age, the age of the cooperate sheep. It's a real shame that some of you feel the need to act like this and not just wise up to the fact we all have the same hobby.

Enjoy your console of choice success, fine. But realise that sales do not effect us. Whether the 360 sells 10 or 10 million units, you think no less of it, the same goes for PS3 owners.

At least that's how I look at it, but I've been playing computer games since long before people became so interested in sales figures. I don't recall arguing over NES sales with anyone.

Man_of_the_year3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Actually Fishy - the more consoles sold = greater install base and bigger piece of the market = more games being made on that console from 3rd party developers and 2nd party developers willing to develop games on that particular console only for exclusive purposes not to mention the opportunity for once exclusive games to make its way over to the competing console...

So in a nut shell...yes sales of a console do matter...very much so.

Fishy Fingers3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Yeah yeah, heard it all before. No offense dude but that's such a poor argument, currently all 3 console have an install base welcoming to developers. Also the PS3 sales have and are still increasing (year on year), there for current sales should scare a developer no more than they did last year or the year prior.

I understand your point perfectly, and if the 360 was selling millions while the PS3 was selling sod all it would be a possibility, but as it is, all 3 consoles shouldn't have a problem finding support, if only for their individual characteristics.

Let's face it, if console sales were all that matter to developers they'd all be making Wii/DS games.

Admittedly, increase sales of X console may entice a dev to make their Y platform game multiplat, but a few months increased sales will not see them dropping Y entirely for X.

Anyway, my point is that it's games that we should be more into, not sales figures, and we all buy a system for our own reasons so telling people they made a mistake, or are foolish for buying X console is totally unjust. All 3 consoles have great games (past,present,future). Thats really all that matters to me.

Rant over. Sorry guys.

sak5003631d ago


I would like to see your comments during the HD-DVD and BD fight. Were droid army not saying poor losers to HD DVD owners? You think ps3 sales drop against 360 will not get devs to think twice about investing time and effort for sony platform? Will the lower sales of ps3 not hurt the fandroids here who think 2008 was year when R2 and LBP will take over the world?

Hentai3631d ago

I don't see much exclusive games for wii.

jcfilth3631d ago

Those who think that sells=quality are dumb.

Fishy Fingers3631d ago


What the "droid army" say or do is of no consiquence to me. All I do is post up my opinion. Like it or lump it sort of thing. But I cant be held responcible for what others have said or done the past and frankly, I dont care how sonys console/games sales effect them.

I just like computer games :)

Aquanox3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

More Sales = More Possibilities to retain 3rd Parties Exclusives (Games focused in 1 console) and also makes your console the main developing platform.

The most the console sales, the more profit the Xbox Division has to invest in new IPs and different projects. Makes the console making a healthy business for developers and Microsoft themselves and ensures a long lasting lifespam.

Anyone saying sales do not matter is just trying to rest importance to their console of choice's low performance in the market.

Fishy Fingers - Is making at least 2 terrible mistakes:

1. The PS3 sales are growing Year over Year. In Europe, yes, by a 3% margin, whereas the Xbox 360 has grown by 143%. Comparing your performance with your own's past years is the worst mistake you can make in this business. Sales of the Xbox 360 DO affect the PS3's since they both fight for the same market.

2. Developers aren't making Wii games because its target market consumes very little software. The 3rd party software performance in the Wii is miserable compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3. The point with the Xbox 360 is that, considering which market it's aimed to, software sales are directly proportional to hardware sales, unlike the Wii. This is the reason why developers are working more on the Xbox 360 and PS3 than the Wii, and they're making the most profit from the Xbox 360 from all 3.

XxZxX3630d ago

like the RROD is not a problem at all, Microsoft is all about lies lies lies

0verdrive3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

ms gains in europe are impressive, but still fail to trump the fact that the xbox and ps3 have almost an equal install base in europe, despite the fact that the xbox has been out twice as long. if ms were to "control" the region, theyd have to sell at a 2:1 rate for like, two years. and seeing how the surge is mainly due to reduced prices, i doubt that these sales leads will hold for more than a month or two. after that, the ps3 is bound to see equal sales increases when they drop the price next year. ms hasnt conquered anything, they just have started to catch up, because they are pretty far behind in europe.

Man_of_the_year3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

The Wii is not in the same category as the PS3 and the 360. The Wii uses last gen hardware with motion controls and is targeted to the casual gamer since its a casual console.

Don't compare franchises like Gears, God of War, Resistance and Halo to Mario (which dominates the Wii)

The Wii argument fails.

Devs like EPIC, Insomniac, Bungie are big name devs that won't waste their resources in developing games for consoles like the Wii.

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Nathan Drake3631d ago

Let's see some official Microsoft numbers,until then,they're in last place in Europe

fakeplasticlung3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

It was inevitable.

N4PS3G3631d ago

doubt what? this was already reported by Microsoft

chaosatom3631d ago

Look at this sentence:
"If this doesn't make you proud of being a Xbox360 owner then nothing will :lol: "

I mean WTF?

Madgunner3631d ago

@ chaos.. very good point

fakeplasticlung3631d ago

Still doesn't change the fact that Xbox 360's sales rocketed in Europe.

chaosatom3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

"Xbox360 Sales ROCKETS!!! "

There is a problem right there? CAPS?? Exclamation MARK???

fakeplasticlung, I am just talking about finding another piece of Article with less Bias. There is nothing wrong with 360 sky rocketing in sales.

littletad3631d ago

Then again this is n4g. It's useless to argue about that when you yourself submit approvals for ps3 blogs and even forums. Yes, some are official but not all.

Anyways, this blogger says he's getting his facts from gfk tracker. I'm not sure what that is as I rarely pay attention to sales charts, and there isn't even a link.

chaosatom3631d ago

Yeah, I guess you're right.

Even A Joe-schmo like Silogan or Kotaku (read: ps3 hating site) can get approved, he can too, i guess.

3631d ago
The Killer3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

now i hope they keep that kind of sales when ps3 make its price cut LOL!!

besides ps3 outsold it all year this year, so 2 months sales will not make them out sold them in the year 2008!!

also i hope that all these sold consoles dont get RROD after few weeks or months!!

also its time for sony to prepare a huge price cut early next year, with or just after killzone 2 will be a good timing!!

to MS: i will never buy 360 unless it comes free, and i will never support MS in anything u money suckers.

to sony: i will not buy ur ps3 until its 299EU done.

MiloGarret3630d ago

Let me get this straight... You are a ps3 fanboy, but you don't actually own a ps3. Wow, just wow. You make me sad.

Rhoic3630d ago

"besides ps3 outsold it all year this year, so 2 months sales will not make them out sold them in the year 2008!!"

Wrong. The 360 this month is expected to have sales of around 700,000 from analysts. Sure, they're analysts, but if that number is even REMOTELY close, it will completely negate the fact that the PS3 outsold the 360 by such small margins.. One of them actually being 20,000. Sorry, but I doubt the PS3 is going to outsell the 360.

gaffyh3630d ago

Isn't this the EXACT same news as 2 weeks ago when MS gave their sales percentages. "124% versus 43% for Wii and 3% for PlayStation 3" - Those figures seem extremely familiar 0_o

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Ghoul3631d ago

the ability to do research is price less

"Chart-Track monitors sales each week of all the major games consoles: Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Sony Playstation 3, Sony PSP, Sony PSP Slim & Lite, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo Gamecube, Gameboy Advance, Microsoft XBox and Microsoft Xbox 360. Data is available to subscribers every Monday afternoon on the previous week's UK sales (via email)."

Can you read ????

GFK is UK sales only and we all know that the uk is a 360 fanboy country :)

Rhoic3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

It posted to the wrong one.

Capital G3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

if SONY keeps laying off employees than europe was bound to see just how loyal Microsoft are compared to SONY

games. jobs. and now sales? i give SONY credit for not throwing in the towle sooner but its finished dont be a sore loser

the onslaught of 360 AAA exclusives and another price drop will be the final blow

Anon19743631d ago

The layoffs were expected and don't kick in until 2010 and Sony is still expected to see revenue growth in 2009, even with slowing electronics sales. The Playstation brand remains strong, they returned to profitability at the beginning of the year and Blu-Ray sales are forecasted to remain strong in the near term.

Really, I find your continued ignorance rather outstanding. I've seen a number of posts from you and every single one of them couldn't be further from the truth. You may be one of the most uninformed posters I've ever come across. Unless you're trying to come across as a dullard on purpose, I recommend you take a moment and actually research a topic before posting. Ask yourself when you see an article, "Is this true? How could I verify that? Are my opinions actually based on any facts?" You'd find quickly by asking these small questions that opinions usually have more weight if there's actually something to support them.

For example, you said "i give SONY credit for not throwing in the towle sooner but its finished."

You should be aware that Sony makes electronics, and damn fine electronics. That's 70% of their business. They also control media, movies, music and various forms of entertainment and have a financial business as well and are one of the world's largest companies, as is evident by a truly massive revenue stream. The PS3, which is only a small part of the bigger picture has been meeting forecasts and has moved over 17 million consoles over 2 years (compared to that, only 13 million 360's were sold in their first 2 years). Clearly Sony is not in any danger, although they do need to make adjustments in hard economic times like any company.

See how easy that was? I may have come across a little arrogant, but at least people might suspect I could sign my name without drooling all over myself. That's how it's done.

Meus Renaissance3631d ago

GfK is Europe. Chart-Track is UK.

Price drops would obviously have led to an increase in sales but the question is how long it can maintain that and how the inevitable PS3 price drop next year in Europe will affect such sales. If PS3 drop doesn't do much, then it's news worthy.