The PS2's last stand – and other overlooked treasures

Gamers can be a prickly bunch. They are as quick to trash a game or a system they despise as they are to praise one they adore. Gaming journalists are even worse. But Phoenix Games knows the ridiculous holiday countdown is ticking and you don't have time to read about what you shouldn't buy the gamer on your list. You want to known what's good. You want the guaranteed winners. "We're going to give them to you in no particular order and with allegiance to no console or company. Games that we've already reviewed have been omitted and the idea here is to illuminate some products that may have snuck in under your radar."

As always, be sure to ask the gamer on your list what they really want. If anyone knows, it's them. But if you're in the mood to surprise, the following list (a second one is coming next week) is filled with near perfection.

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Dark_Overlord3630d ago

The PS2 is still selling really well, and has decent games still coming out for it, so I'm confused as to how its its last stand?

Gue13630d ago

Flamebait?? This is what this website is all about...