EDGE:The Making of Dune II

It is rare indeed for a single game to become the progenitor of an entire new genre.

Although it had its precedents, with some fans attempting to retcon a gaggle of faintly similar 8bit titles for the role, the world's first realtime strategy game can be named with little real controversy.

But going back to Dune II today is an eye-opening experience, as it becomes clear how very little the genre has moved forwards in the last 16 years – like finding out Halo had really been released in 1982. The same basic viewpoint, interface, controls and gameplay underpinning Dune II are still being reused today, with only the most minimal level of evolutionary advancement.

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FreestyleBarnacle3632d ago

I think that the best thing about this was that it was a sequel to a game which was completely different to it. Not something you see often.

stevenhiggster3632d ago

I owned and loved them both, feck knows where they are now though :-(
The movie was great too!

Come to think of it, I was thinking about Dune just the other day.

IdleLeeSiuLung3632d ago

I loved the game and was very excited about the various C&C games. However, as soon as EA took over Westwood Studios, it was downhill....

xenogamer3632d ago

a brotherhood of steel with a mini gun in fallout...

TheMART3632d ago

Dune II... On my Amiga 500. Damn I love those gaming days back in time on that machine. One of the few game devices that truly had emotion surrounding the whole device, brand and scene in general.

I still own my Amiga 500 and Amiga 1200 with a lot of floppy discs...

bumnut3632d ago

i loved dune 2!!

i remeber spending days playing about with autoexec.bat & config.sys to get enough expanded memory to enable speech!!

awesome game, but you could only select 1 unit at a time.

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