Home: Social Dream or Digital Doldrums?

Split-Screen writes: "Looking at recent criticisms on Home, there is a definite question mark on whether Sony is creating the next online fix or competing with the other digital societies in concept. The real question: Can a more tangible game world, populated with 3D characters and bereft of any actual game play, yet punctuated by more realistic elements succeed in making you forget the game pad - or become more aware of it?

"We've talked about depth in games, and the delicate balance of game play, control and level design needed to properly immerse a player in the game. But one essential ingredient is needed to keep a gamer playing: purpose. A goal in the game. Something to win. A culmination of all the intensity. The climax of continuous play. The princess in the castle. Is a game still a game - and deserving to be marketed as such - when it has no tangible end?"

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