2008: Console Manufacturers interviewed

French videogame site Gamekult has interviewed all 3 console manufacturers asking them to comment on the competition and the year 2008. Hit the jump to find out what SCEE vice president Georges Fornay, Microsoft France director François Ruault, and Nintendo director Stephan Bole had to say.

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Darkseider3659d ago

Yes. When adding FY 2007 and 2008 SCE posted a 3.39 Billion USD loss but as I stated in my post below YoY is becoming more profitable and with current sales should be in the black FY 2009.

Darkseider3659d ago

After looking into it I found that SCE FY 2008 which closed on March 2008 posted a 1.18 billion USD loss down from 2.21 billion USD FY 2007. Based on sales and reduced manufacturing costs FY 2009 which closes March 2009 SCE should be in the black.


So SCE is definately not going anywhere and the PS brand is just getting stronger YoY. kthxbye