WorthPlaying Review - 'Persona 4'

WorthPlaying: "You begin Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 as a newcomer to the small sleepy country town of Inaba, Japan. Your character, a teenage boy, has been sent to live with his uncle for a year due to issues at home. Unfortunately for him, things go south as soon as he arrives. There is a terrible murder shortly after he arrives, with a famous television personality being killed and her body displayed in a strange fashion. The murders continue, with one of the hero's new friends joining the first victim, both appearing on a foggy day after a few nights of rain. The cause of the problem seems to be the mysterious "Midnight Channel," a television show that only airs on rainy days at midnight, and only if your television is turned off. It shows the next person to be murdered shortly before he or she disappears.

Your hero and his friends quickly find the cause: Someone or something has been throwing people into the television. Inside the television is another world, filled with horrible monsters called Shadows and a strange thick fog. When the real world becomes foggy, the television world becomes clear and the monsters go berserk, brutally killing anyone trapped inside. For some unknown reason, your hero can also enter the television world, and in doing so, gains the mysterious power Persona, which gives him the ability to fight against the Shadows. He and his friends are the only ones who know the truth about the Midnight Channel, and they must use their newfound power to protect the victims while solving the murders that haunt the sleepy little Japanese town."

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