There has been "some" confusion

About what we here at the Tilt do and what a "few" contributors, in our part or out of it, offer and do... We have recently been put under a microscope for 2 stories we posted here.
1 - The 5 RPG's being made for the PS3 famitsu article - This was not in anyway given to me by Games Blow. This was given to me by a regular forum goer who has been privy to "certain" information ahead of time and he does take up residence in Japan. He passed me his photo bucket link with scans of the article... it was in Japanese. I don't know the lingo so he translated it for me. I posted what he gave me.
Is it true or not? I don't know... that is why it was in the rumors section. Which, by the way, I never really wanted to partake in here until I knew Games Blow was on board with us... Since he actually does know what is and isn't.

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