FarCry 2 DX9 vs. DX10 Image Quality

Enthusiast writes: "The trilogy is complete; our in-depth coverage of FarCry 2 is concluded with this look at DX9 versus DX10 image quality. Is there a noticeable difference between DX9 and DX10 in FarCry 2? We will answer this plus show you some of the cool features like Fire, Blood, and Real Tree quality differences."

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free2game3653630d ago

Looks a little bit better, the AA especially, along with the performance being better. The shadows especially pretty big.

phosphor1123629d ago

Lets make DX10 vista exclusive.


freeblue3630d ago

seem that Dx10 has better EE, and distance shadowing when shadows at the distance are more softer than the one closer to you.

likeaboss3023630d ago

It should read

Hardocp writes:

Thats just the enthusiast section of the site.

TheIneffableBob3629d ago

The DX10 version has better shadows along with better performance (covered in a previous article on the site), quite possibly the first for a DX10 game.

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