Despite growing adoption, PhysX needs time

Cnet's Crave writes:

"As we've said from the time when PhysX was still the property of original developer Ageia, PhysX, and hardware physics acceleration in general, has potential. The free PhysX showcase title CellFactor: Revolution (commissioned by Ageia) demonstrated some very cool, new ways to interact with a gaming environment, none of which we'd seen before."

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I Call 9MM3628d ago

I like the idea of hardware acceleration for physics calculations, and even dropping in another graphics card (albeit probably a cheaper one) isn't much of a problem, other then the way Vista handles it. For those of us with an ATI card in our system and are using Windows Vista, we cannot add in an Nvidia card since Vista only allows one set of graphics drivers to be installed. Windows XP users, however, can utilize this combination. So, if you have say a 4870 and you add in an 8800GT or something similar, your set.

I hope that someone manages to make these drivers work on more ATI cards. I know people have experimented getting it to run on 3850's and 3870's, but nothing else. Or at least, I hope Nvidia goes back to making a dedicated PPU card based off their GeForce hardware. That extra PCI-e port on my motherboard is waiting for another 4870X2 right now.

TheIneffableBob3628d ago

NVIDIA says that they are willing to work with ATI if they want to implement PhysX into their cards.

S1CKLY3628d ago

Anything that requires you to buy ANOTHER expensive card for your rig fore little-to-no extra effect is going to take a long time to be accepted in mainstream.

I do enjoy the idea of high-quality physics in every game though, and I really hope PhysX helps achieve that.. eventually. But for now, I have college to pay for.. and a 360 that requires no hardware upgrades.

-.- oh well.

TheIneffableBob3628d ago

PhysX runs on the GPU you already own. There is no need to purchase a second GPU.

The old PhysX implementation required that you purchase a PhysX PPU add-on card, but that system has been eliminated since NVIDIA purchased the company and the technology. All you need for PhysX now is a CUDA-enabled graphics card, which is basically 8 series and up.

BludoTheSmelly3628d ago

Adds a lot of flare to mirrors edge. Should be licensed to ati so its adopted across more games.