Eurogamer: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Preview

Eurogamer writes: "You don't often hear fairytales in the world of games development, but the story of the making of the original Chronicles of Riddick game, Escape from Butcher Bay, comes close. Little-known developer stumbles across edgy, independent film licence Pitch Black; secures rights for itself direct with star's production company; starts making excellent, off-the-wall Xbox stealth game before it even hears about a big-budget movie sequel; not-that-arguably does the character much better justice than the movie studio; is showered in plaudits, fan-love and game sales.

Four years on and Sweden's Starbreeze has another fairytale to tell, only this time, instead of spinning a yarn of rags-to-riches, it's turning the tables on misfortune. Starbreeze's next-gen remake-and-a-half of Riddick was discarded by Activision when it bought publisher Sierra's parent company, Vivendi Games. Disaster became triumph when the game was picked up by Atari, granting the developer a luxurious extra six months to extend and polish a game it had practically finished, and a release date long removed from the ruthless Christmas hullaballoo."

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Craig David3631d ago

But it should "NOT" be on the undeserving Ps3.......This is an XBOX game and always will be.

fossilfern3631d ago

no wonder no one likes Craig David cause he talks sh*t. Playstation for life !!

Pixel_Addict3631d ago

You don't even own a PS3, so what do you care?

air13631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

damn, is this game coming out yet? isnt it just a remake? whats the hold up...

never mind, atari picked the game up?! after alone in the dark for 360, i will never buy another atari game.

PirateThom3631d ago

It's both a remake and a full sequel, apparently.

I'm not sure if it's just marketing blurb or they've remade the game and added a whole new campaign as well.

air13631d ago

atari picked it up?! damnit...

after alone in the dark for 360, i will never buy another atari game. not even this one as much as i wanted it..

Vecta3631d ago

Wow that's just... stupid. Its not like Atari made either of those games anyway. They are called a Publisher for a reason.

candystop3631d ago

Well I'm looking forward to this one for sure.

Hellsvacancy3631d ago

Well im sorry to tell you brother but its also on the mighty Ps3 *wets himself laughing*

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