Gameplayer: Spider-man: Web of Shadows Review

Gameplayer Writes: Another year, another fair-to-average open-world Spider-Man action game. This one begins with a flash-forward to a nightmare vision of New York, where alien symbiotes (like the black goop in Spider-Man 3) have overrun the city.

Things are out of control, with SHIELD agents fighting a losing battle against the faceless, unstoppable creatures. It gets worse: Spider-Man's weakness for the rubber cosmic has driven Mary-Jane into the arms of Luke Cage - every weedy nerd's nightmare! After this teaser it's back to pre-apocalyptic NYC for some free-roaming, interchangeable missions, like pummeling gang-bangers who look like they've escaped from Saints Row.

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sak5003629d ago

Man it was good till i hit the freaking sniping mission. Where you have to stop 22+ snipers from shooting some idiot. The timer starts with 8 secs or something and keeps jumping 4+ secs after disabling each sniper but then u keep falling down the building or auto-targetting a sniper which is 2km away so u jump in that direction. Have given it up in frustration...