Fidgit: 10 most disappointing games of 2008

Fidgit writes: "For the most part, it was a very good year. I ended up with twenty candidates for my top ten slots (to be posted Wednesday). But first, the disappointments. The following aren't necessarily terrible games. In fact, some of them I quite liked. But all of them should have been considerably better than they actually are."

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jack who3513d ago

Haze the halo killer....oh wait

Lykon3512d ago

I am a ps3 fanboy I love my console but Haze was a joke, and after such a homosexually lubricated hype machine build up. I tried the demo and couldn't believe how bad it was, how hilarious. I do like to see a good public Fail every now and then, it makes my nipples hard.

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Homicide3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

No MGS4 and Gears 2 = fail list. Why are No More Heroes, Motorstorm 2 and Siren up there?

Solid_Dawg3513d ago

why would mgs4 be up there? it definitely was not dissappointing. amazing story and nice online. i hear its better with patch now. still yet to try it after patch.

Timesplitter143513d ago

dude read the title again plz

Graphics Whore3513d ago

Homicide is just being a little girl, let him flush it down the toilet.

He doesn't like any GOOD games.

Danja3513d ago (Edited 3513d ago )

Motorstorm 2
No More Heroes
Siren : Blood Curse

dont deserve to be on this list I enjoyed all 3 of these games..

No more Heroes is actually my fave Wii game of the year.

Too Human should have been #1 , with Haze coming in at #2

Haze wasn't as terrible as ppl made it out to be , The Media once again ripped it to shreds because it was a hyped PS3 exclusives labeled as a Halo killer but failed to deliver on what they were expecting , same thing they did to the 1st Killzone which was rather good also

Fallen_Angel3513d ago

Why is force unleashed on there and why no mgs4 , lbp or r2

darkdoom30003513d ago

dude. MGS4 rocked! its my GOTY!

and Gears is ment to be good too! (i only have PS3)

cayal3513d ago

Siren - Blood Curse should not be in there. Very stupid.

GTA4 *should* be in most over-rated game.

PS3 FTW3513d ago

"Why no mgs4 , lbp or r2?"

MGS4 has a higher MetaCritic than anything on 360 this year, LBP has a higher MetaCritic than any Xbox or Xbox 360 game ever, most R2 reviews were in the 9ish area.

Why do you only have 2 bubbles? Oh wait, never mind.

jammy_703513d ago

tomorrow most overated games this year...... 1) GTA4!

was good but overated so much!
i only went back because of the trophies, i love trophies =]

theEnemy3513d ago

The only thing I can think of MGS4 and disappointment on a the same line is that MGS4 makes other games a disappointment.

shovelbum3513d ago

Haze is certainly in the right spot on that list. I can see Mercs 2 also but I did enjoy it but more polish would have been nice. I begrudgingly agree with MS2 also. I like the looks and gameplay but the damn track design is broken. You can barely tell where your heading but I also memorization has always been part of racing so I understand it as well. Can't comment on To Human because I haven't played it yet but plan on it.

stevenhiggster3513d ago

I half agree with the Haze positioning. I did like the game but it wasn't nearly as good as I expected. Hype for that game was what killed it, I reckon if it hadn't been so hyped then it wouldn't have recieved quite as bad scores.

No wait it would have, it was pretty poor. But strangely I still liked it, I would never reccomend it though LOL.

prowiew3513d ago

The only game I disagree that ive played is motorstorm. Is not an extremely good game but is not meant to be. Is just pure fun. Too human is definitely my disappinting game of the year (it just plain sucks!). And as for haze, I always knew that game would suck, so is not a disappointment for me.

PopEmUp3513d ago

the flops counting begins....

acedoh3513d ago

At least number 9 and 10. Motorstorm is a great game and much better than the original. I don't understand what this writer was thinking. Civ. Rev. was also a great game. I can't really comment on the other games but I think GTAIV deserves the top spot on that list. Haze was terrible but I think many got the feeling that was the case months before it released considering the low sales.

Sickr3513d ago

"Why are No More Heroes, Motorstorm 2 and Siren up there?"


psman0123512d ago

Motorstorm 2 should also not be on there. That game is great!


dumbest line i've seen on N4G "No MGS4 and Gears 2 = fail list" dude sounds like you dont know a REALLY good game when you see it, i for one am glad i didnt spend any money on those games

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TheColbertinator3513d ago

I thought SPOGS on the Wiiware was horrendous.It was not even funny,that game is broken

Solid_Dawg3513d ago

but...i feel that too human should be 1st since it has been in work for so long and turned out a bigger flop then most of the games there. but gotta admit, even though i know ill get a lot of disagrees, i really liked Haze. sure it didnt have great graphics but i see where they were going. if they really touched it up, it could have been one helluva game. online and the story i thought were really good. once again, completely my opinions...

GrandTheftZamboni3513d ago

... seems very decent to me too. I wasn't considering it because of the bad reviews. I might pick it up when I have the time.

stevenhiggster3513d ago

Like I said i did like it too, but there was too many broken elements. Like uber bad pop up on the suits of your compadres, and the character acting was terrible! But the actual gameplay side of it was spot on and the story was pretty good too.

dachiefsman3513d ago

lists like this are stupid. Crap is crap.

Too Human and Haze are both crap.

It would be like saying I prefer dog crap over cat crap. It doesn't change the fact that it is crap.

JHUX3512d ago

The voice acting in Haze kills me, there's more to add to the list, but man is that bad. Only reason I picked it up was because it was 20bucks, and for that it's not to bad, but I could have done better if I looked harder in the low price used games. I always like to see things for myself before I judge them to be terrible or not, one day I will do the same with LAIR, when it knocks itself down the price more though. I hear with the updated controls it's not so bad anymore, but haven't played it myself.

SlyGuy3512d ago

I also picked it up for $20 on ebay as a gift for my brother in law for Christmas.

I liked the demo, so now I can see if the game was good.

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Nathan Drake3513d ago

You mean the game that has a higher Metacritic rating than Gears of War 2?

N4PS3G3513d ago

so does GTA IV and it

anyway ..MGS4 its an awesome game!

TheColbertinator3513d ago

I agree with N4PS3G.GTA4 blew chunks

Nathan Drake3513d ago

And MGS4 still has a higher rating than Gears 2.

Arnon3513d ago

It also has a higher score than Little Big Planet and MGS4.. which are the only 2 exclusives on metacritic for the PS3 with a score higher than a 90.

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