Rumor: Blizzard/Activision to announce their next mmo tomorrow.

According to members of's forums Activision/Blizzard are going to announce their next mmo game, Fanboy's and naysayers alike suspect it will be a new sandbox style mmo or set in the Starcraft universe. Regardless definately news to lurk for.

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Nathan Drake3631d ago

Cool,Ps3 is perfect for MMOs

Pebz3631d ago

Yes, and so is the PC and 360. Which is why Blizzard will hopefully make this 3-way compatible, through the wonder known as, for absolute win.

Why the obvious flame bait in the gamer zone?

caladbolg7773631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

I feel sorry for MMOrpgers playing cross-platform. (Final Fantasy XI, anyone?) Control and reaction time is terrible in comparison to the speed and precision that you get with a mouse and keyboard. Console gamers are at a serious disadvantage, and I'd worry that serious groups would not want to party with ConsoleRPGers.

PC only would be just dandy.

LethalToxins3631d ago

PC Fanboy much? I played FFXI on the PC and on the PS2. You are aware you can use a m/k for the PS2 as well, right? It makes no difference.

PC account:
Alexander Server
Lv75 Whm, Lv75 Blm, Lv62 Rdm.

Friend's PS2 account was:
Titan Server
Lv75 Whm

Vistrix3631d ago

How can people approve this?

Theres absolutely no proof of this statement in the source. Its just some guy in a forum talking about something that only mentions this in his title.

hay3631d ago

Pretty much true, it's just some lame post and that's why it's written clearly Rumor in the title. But with any reliable source anyone can make up any rumor.
Rumor: Square will announce FF7 Remake in 2010 fo' sure!

Perjoss3631d ago

doesn't blizzard usually save announcements for when they have one of their blizzcon type events?

Daver3631d ago

Dont make it like WOW and i might buy it

Gadget733631d ago

Not that it means much, but there have been stranger rumors on the net, that turned out to be true. Remember the Bungie/MS split?

About Blizzard making a console MMO: if they would, they would do it soon. Wait another year or two and the next generation of hardware is imminent. The only right moment to start a console MMO is within the next six months.