GameSpy: Gamers Choice Voting: Game of the Year 2008

GameSpy writes: "2008 has almost wrapped up, but there's one final thing to take care of: finally cleaning the toilet. That thing's getting fuzzy. Make that two things: choosing the 2008 Game of the Year! The GameSpy editors have already locked ourselves in a room for a day-long meeting and we're close to finalizing our decisions.

But for now, it's your turn. We want to know your picks for the best game of 2008. Be sure to take everything into consideration, from the art and writing to the gameplay and story and even things like longevity and broad appeal. What's the best of the best? You make the call!

Voting ends on December 15th, with the final winners being posted on December 19th. Remember that you're voting for the "Reader's Choice" awards, which are a separate honor than GameSpy's official Game of the Year. Click away and start voting!"

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ikiru33853631d ago

360 GOTY: Fallout 3
Wii GOTY: No More Heroes
DS: The World Ends with You
PSP: FFVII: Crisis Core

I enjoyed those games the most.