4cr Review - Penny Arcade Episode 2

4cr writes: "Six months after their debut episode (add an extra month for this extremely late review), a new chapter of On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness has dropped on our laps. It took balls for the Penny Arcade guys to put out their own game. They definitely proved that they had the cojones the first time around. The real test for this episode is whether or not they can improve the experience. Since I'm not really the type of person to keep you in suspense, I'll just tell you that they succeeded.

There aren't that many genuinely hilarious games out there, but even if there were, Penny Arcade would stand head and shoulders over most of the competition. The setting, a delicious brand of steampunk with nods to Cthulhu, was enough to win my heart. Throughout the eight or so hours that you'll spend playing this game, you'll visit an insane asylum, a scientific symposium on "the future of man," the most violent upper-class neighborhood on Earth, and the World's Fair."

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