GTA IV PC - Patch on the way

As Kotaku has established, Grand Theft Auto IV on the PC is all kinds of broken. People are upset, people demand action. Well, people, action is coming. Rockstar announced today the details of their upcoming patch.

The patch - which addresses problems Rockstar claim are affecting only "one percent" of users (uh, no) - will do things like fix ATi problems, stop a number of crashes and repair issues the game had with power management.

A full list of bug fixes/improvements after the jump.

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bumnut3629d ago

maybe they should have tried the game before they released it.

im at the point now where i don't want to buy a game on release day because i fear it won't work!

i put 12 - 15 hours into fallout only to have the main quest mess up and i had to start again, i put about 2 hours in and got bored.

its almost as though every game lately is like a mini windows vista and won't work properly for 3 months after release!