LBP + Street Fighter DLC @ PS Store: 12/11/08

HADOUKEN! When you're taking a break from playing your newly downloaded Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (available now on the PlayStation Network) - imagine venturing around LittleBigPlanet dressed as some of the greatest and most iconic characters in fighting. Beginning this Thursday, CAPCOM's Street Fighter, one of the world's greatest pop culture phenomenons, teams up with LittleBigPlanet to bring you brand new Street Fighter costumes made especially for your Sackboys and Sackgirls.

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Dragunov3655d ago

Must be hard not to buy these, even that pricey

Dir_en_grey3655d ago

God damn it why does it have to be so expensive!?!?!?!!
I hate it cuz I'm gonna end up paying for it....
First Chimera... now this... x__x

lokiroo4203655d ago

If you read in the comments capcom gives you some street fighter levels designed by capcom, so its not just for the costumes, pretty cool!

LokMessier3655d ago

I would have missed that, but that's pretty nice of them! Hope it's not just for those who are buying packs though as I suppose at that price I'll just get a PSN card and get the Chun-li one. Thing is I get paid Wednesday I wonder if Media Molecule somehow knows this >_> so they set up a surprise for Wednesday.

lokiroo4203655d ago

Chun Li is definitely the one to buy, so hot!

darkdoom30003655d ago

my respect for capcom has gone up! hopefully they can make DMC5 with a good storyline and better gameplay. 4 just wasnt as good as 3:SE.

pp3655d ago

Still doesn't change the FACT the game is a Flop. I wonder if LBP 2 will be Multi-Platform this time around.

lokiroo4203655d ago

dont you have a pupu to put your little pp in?

Sangria3655d ago

Very expensive but goddamn attractive.

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The story is too old to be commented.