How casual gamers could burst the video games bubble

Gaming has been enjoying an unbelievably healthy period of growth for many years now. The original Playstation seemed to bring gaming out of the niche it was hiding and into the mainstream. The PS2 then took that gaming for everyone mentality onto the next level, and now the Wii is even making non-gamers start gaming. But with the economy going down the pan, could that reliance on casual or mainstream gamers be the industry's downfall?

I remember a time when gaming was the sole reserve of the friendless and nerdy. Yes, I was one of those friendless nerds who would give up the chance to go out on a Saturday in order to spend time with my console of choice. But those days are well over, with gaming now being just as mainstream as television and movies.

Love it or hate it, Sony has a big part to play in bringing gaming out of its shell and into the cold light of day where everyone felt comfortable having a go. Both the original Playstation and the PS2 were seen as cool, innovative, and must-have consumer products by games of all ages around the world.

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PantherLotus3629d ago

Why yes, how casual gamers could burst the video games

Craig David3628d ago

FCUKING PS2 invented the casual game market and now its destroying the Hardcore market, Yeah well done Playstation destroy my hobby.

Jecht3628d ago

Not only are casual gamers responsible for the overall dilution of game quality, as developers now create games to cater to people with less skill and taste which makes games easier and of lesser quality, but casual gamers are more likely to stop purchasing gaming products after a certain amount.

For example, casual gamers are called casual because gaming for them is just a passing hobby. They get their fix and then stop. So it's likely that casuals will buy stuff en masse, giving a short boost in sales to whatever company, but then after they've had their fix completely stop until they get that itch again.

Conversely, core gamers have gamed for years. It's more than a passing hobby for them, and they can't just get their fix with a few games here and there. So they buy up games all the time and are responsible for a continuous stream of revenue. So, although the casual crowd may be larger, they aren't necessarily better for the industry with their roller coaster way of spending. In economic times like these, guarantees are needed. And when it comes to gaming, the core gamers ARE the guarantee.

retrofly3628d ago

You say that but new generations of "casual gamer" are being born every minute taking up the space left by the ones who stopped playing and left their consoles to collect dust. This will never stop unless we all stop having sex. But I do agree with developers catering for more people and making more games to cater for a wider audience, with big bangs and shiny reflections, that look good on a TV ad, but when you play the game you find its missing a bit of substance. (Of course only us real gamers notice this, the casual gamers get bored and do something else)

Jecht3628d ago

Bubbles for that. That was awesome. Casual gamers are like hydras. Kill one head, and two more pop up.

kewlkat0073628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

revenue jumped from 4 billion to 6 billion during the same time as last year. In this type of economy , I wouldn't have expected an increase. Something is happening here...

Nintendo is on pace to sell 27 million Wii's and 30 million Ds's by March. That is just crazy. I know it has always been cheaper but still it's can't be just because it's cheap.

Hardcore gamers on this site Underestimate casual games and gamers. Don't be surprised. The xbox 360 and PS3, for the most part, have had their shares of Hardcore buyers up till now.

What will it take for them 2 consoles to start selling like the wii? Well think about it...

Jecht3628d ago

The 360 will have to be reliable (pffft, yeah right. It'll never happen) and the PS3 will have to have a MASSIVE price cut.

The Wii is successful first because it was the cheapest console available at the beginning of this gen, and second because of child word-of-mouth advertising. It's not because it's good.

Kratos Spartan3628d ago

The least you can do is say something............anything. .......................Captain Tuttle?

boodybandit3628d ago

I feel the same way about most articles on N4G.

Captain Tuttle3628d ago


Nah, wrong thread is all.

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