Neocrisis - New Killzone 2 Screens

Neocrisis - 12 new screens.

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Spike473272d ago

they never really cared about it until now. I like K2's style, I wanna join a clan aswell.

Breakfast3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

Theres no possible way its running with "The Power of the Cell" (trademark) looks way to ugly. Its definitely running on the 360's inferior hardware.

Another stolen exclusive from M$.


goflyakite3272d ago

Those pics look better then anything on the 360, lmao.

shush now.

TheHater3272d ago

I am sure not a lot of people will get that you are being sarcastic. Well I hope you are be sarcastic

Kyur4ThePain3272d ago

That seems to be all you're good for lately.
You used to be mildly entertaining, but you're sinking fast.

Breakfast3272d ago (Edited 3272d ago )

The real Killzone (running on the ps3's amazing hardware) looks like this E3 2005 in-game screenshot:

The ones in this article simply dont match that quality....thus meaning it cant be running on the playstation hardware.

...which in turn, means its coming to the xbox.


Kleptic3272d ago

I understand what you are trying to do (looking at your bubbles, its obviously working too)...but you are underminding that nearly every preview confirmed this to be the best looking console game ever created so far...

you can make fun of the PS3 all you want...but it doesn't change the fact that this games wrecks ALL competition from the 360...every single last bit of content ever released, and everything announced for the not have the technology or visual prowess of killzone visual side of the console war is completely over guys keep your sales for late 2008...we'll keep the prettier game for early 2009...fair?...

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SAiOSiN3272d ago

day 1 purchase for me. o and those pics are awful, looks like it was taken by a 1.3 mp camera phone.

pupu3272d ago

KillFlop 2 to flop bigger than Resistance 2 CONFIRMED