Sony talks PlayStation 3, PSP success in 2009

Sony's John Kohler answers GamePro's burning questions about the PlayStation 3. Can the most expensive console survive in an uncertain economy? Listen up...

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Cajun Chicken3631d ago

I look forward to the PS3 and PSP being treated equally. Very exciting, I wonder what they have up their sleeves...

bucnasty3631d ago

We would place Sony's first-party developers up against any other team -- our worldwide studios group is as large as Microsoft's and Nintendo's internal studios combined

Cajun Chicken3631d ago

He's not lying, Sony own a lot of inhouse companies now.

pwnsause3631d ago

Sony has the most In-House Development studios believe it or not. Its microsoft's Biggest Weakness, and it could be their biggest mistake.

sak5003631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )


" our worldwide studios group is as large as Microsoft's and Nintendo's internal studios combined "

They certainly need it cuz no 3rd party wants to waste 3-4 years for 400k unit sales. MS doesn't care about losing its devs as they know their platform is where the money is.

Edit: Well duhhhhh below. This shows sony losing lot more money on financing these devs and still not recouping anything from low sales of the games. Had they been 3rd party friendly from hardware perspective than they would not be in such a mess.

akaFullMetal3631d ago

duuuuhhhhhhhhhh sak500
thats why they have a big first and second party

man i tell ya

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thebudgetgamer3631d ago

even with the wii and 360 having a good year im excited to see what sony comes with next year and i think this was a really good year in gaming in genereal everyone should be happy


bucnasty3631d ago

gets so much third party support lol thats y we havent seen it on the ps3 if they can make games that look as good as killzone 2 wtf y is all muiltiplatform games on ps3 look a little worse than on 360

pwnsause3631d ago

thats because those games you are mentioning are:

1. Multiplatform

2. Most of these games lead on the 360.

Microsoft throws money everywhere in order to get 3rd party development to lead on the 360, but it might Backfire on them soon. The money that they spent on 3rd party development should be spent on creating new studios so they can pump out AAA 1st party games, but they don't want to do that. What do you think Nintendo's secret success is. Why do you think Sony is taking the route that Nintendo takes when it comes to first party?

Kyur4ThePain3631d ago

It's not ability of the hardware, right?
Can you figure it out?

Parapraxis3631d ago

Sony has more than enough 3rd party support.

pimpinal883631d ago

I don't think PS3 has to worry to much about sales right now, its making a good money off of it. They will just leave the ps2 to compete with the xbox aracade and before you know it, PS3 will be flying off the shelves. Hopefully $300 by the time February rolls around

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The story is too old to be commented.