N-Europe: Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City (Wii Review)

N-Europe's Iun Hockley writes: "There is absolutely no point to Animal Crossing whatsoever: the game runs in real-time taken from the Wii's internal clock. It is a clever device that forces you to think about when you play, as certain days on the calendar are of special interest. Events such as Fishing Tourneys happen on a semi-regular basis, but Christmas or whatever you want to call it happens on the 25th of December every year. Similarly there is Mother's Day, Mayor's Day and a whole host of other fictional and real-world holidays that occur but once a year on their appropriate day. It is a fantastic idea and works really well in practice: some days demand your undivided attention to join in the celebrations with your villagers. Other days can be just spent getting your fishing gear on or catching bugs. Sometimes it's just nice to wander aimlessly and chatter with the crazy animal friends living there."

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