OXM: Inside Rare

There are precisely three things of note about the sleepy English town called Twycross. In no particular order: Twycross Zoo, which attracts approximately 500,000 visitors a year to see one of the finest assemblies of primates in the country. Second, it's near the Bosworth Battlefield, where 13,000 men were attracted to fight in the last real battle of the War of the Roses. Third, Rare Ltd., which Microsoft so loved that it cut a $375-million check to possess it utterly.

When it comes to discussing Rare, that row of zeroes is both unavoidable and unfortunate. On the one hand, why should a gamer even be thinking about this stuff? Yes, Microsoft got more kick-per-dollar from buying Bungie at a 10th of the price, but should that matter to anyone other than suited men in the accounts division? The games are what matters.

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