New Resident Evil 5 Trailer "Just to conclude the mornings wrap up on Resident evil 5, there is also a new trailer for Resident Evil 5 available on the viral website. To access the video go to the viral website, scroll to the far left, click on number 1, then type in Refinery."

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an_idiot3572d ago

Make sure to go the the viral site and click on 1.

chaosatom3572d ago

Although the video was good, and showed some new stuff.

TrevorPhillips3572d ago

woow that was amazing, i got the demo and it was awesome played it like 9 times

Heldrasil3572d ago

Hell ya, graphics are the sh*t!

TrevorPhillips3572d ago

the demo is around 20-25mins long you play 2 level and you can play single player, splitscreen co-op offline and online co-op and the demo is around 6-7 months old so the game should look better now also when you play with japs, korea etc you don't lag a bit.

Fullish3572d ago

/jealous, wish i had the demo.

S1CKLY3572d ago

it looks so siiiick... and the trailer actually made me more excited :D

J BO3572d ago

I am not sure if this trailer is real or CG O_O