PS4 and the possibility of Head Tracking

PS4talk writes:

Johnny Chung Lee is a master in all things Wiimote (plus a lot of other things I imagine). He has manipulated the use of the Nintendo Wii controller to provide such things as multi-point interactive whiteboards, finger tracking and now head tracking.

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ElementX3630d ago

LOL, The PS3 just came out 2 years ago. I thought there was going to be a 10 year life? I expect the PS4 won't be out until 2013.

Capital G3630d ago

this isnt the ps2 era where SONY ran supreme, the ps3 is in last place of the console war

its about time SONY started forggetting the past and thinking about the future. good job SONY. accept it, move on,

Maxned3630d ago

Hm. Pretty stupid how they are discussing this for a console that has no information whatsoever while there is the nintendo wii... from which it was developed..

Graphics Whore3630d ago

No offence Capitol but the way things are looking Sony is probably going to outsell Microsoft. Don't be a fanboy, learn statistics.

morganfell3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

First of all Element, that isn't a Sony site it is a fan site. I have little doubt it will be at least 2013 before the PS4 shows up. Of course Sony can wait because it will take more than 3 years to max out the PS3's abilities.

Whereas MS will announce their new console next year and the following year they will ship (Simultaneously they will drop 360 support and it's attached fans like a rock) They already dropped hints today.

As far as Capitol, he needs to learn this gen doesn't end today or even next week. Sony is gaining on MS worldwide. Fast. There is little doubt MS will finish last this gen and Sony in second.

BTW, the PS4 isn't needed for head tracking as the PS3 already does that.


godofthunder103629d ago

I like to know where you got your information.You claimed and i quote "Whereas MS will announce their new console next year and the following year they will ship (Simultaneously they will drop 360 support and it's attached fans like a rock) They already dropped hints today.".The fact is microsoft said the complete opposite of what you are claiming.Mcrosoft spokemen said that the 360 will be around for awhile.He said the new xbox want be out till around 2013.So stop being a fanboy and just tell the truth.We are almost in 2009 so that give sony only about 3 to 4 years left before sony comes out with the ps4.

The fact is that know matter how you spin it the ps isn't dominate any more.Sony use to have almost 100% of the game market.Thanks to nintendo and microsoft sony has less then 50% of the gameing market.I'm not saying the ps3 isn't any good because it is.I'm just being honest and looking at the sales.They are predicting that the wii and 360 will outsell the ps3 in 2009.So you could spin it any way you want.The fact is that sony lost this system war.The winner is nintendo.The ps3 and 360 will have a tough fight to come in 2nd.Who ever comes in 2nd it want be by much.

You also talk like the ps3 is double or more powerful then the 360.The fact is that the ps3 and 360 are really close in power because of the way they are designed.The fact is that the only ones that keep saying the ps3 is a lot more powerful then the 360 are fanboys like you,sony and sonys affileits.The only edge that the ps3 have over the 360 is Br.It's really not that big of deal.I'm not that damn lazt,i could get up about every 3 hrs or more to change disc.

I bet you are the type of person that agrees with every negative news about the 360 even when you know it's not true.You also disagree with every positive news about the 360 even when you know it's true.When it comes to the ps3 you say the complete opposite and it's not only childish it's pathetic and if i was you i would be ashamed of myself.

I have a 360 and i wouldn't trade it for a ps3 for anything.I think that it has better games and the fact is that it has more.This is my opponion not a fact.Unlike you i'm not a ridiculious fanboy.I'm not childish and i'm just neutral not bias like you.I think that the ps3 is a good system,hell i even admitt that it's the most dependable one ever made but it's not the greatest thing since gad like you act.

I even admitt that i wish the 360 have some ps3 exclusives on it.I wish that R1,R2 and KZ2 was on the 360.On the other hand i hate the MGS games.I think that it has one of the most ridiculious story of all time.If i wanted to sit down and watch something for almost 3hrs i'll watch a movie.If i wanted to play a game i play something else because you watch more then you play with MGS4.I bey that you on the other hand claims that all the games on the ps3 are good and all the ones on the 360 are bad.

I bet you also keep talking about the RROD even when Microsoft fixed the problem.I bet you also keep sayng that Microsoft screwed the people when they only gave us a 3 year warrinty.I'll admitt that the 360 did have a defect in the systems when they first came out.The problem that i have is when people like you act like sony would never do anything like that.The fact is sony lost a class action law suit because of the ps2.when the ps2 first came out it had a defected drive in it.You could buy a new ps2 and a new game and it would read can't read disc.The only thing that sony did was give people a 2 month warrinty from a date they gave and they didn't go out their way to advertize it.After 2 months and your ps2 went out you had to pay to fix it or buy a new one.I had to buy 5 in less then 3 years and every one i knew had to buy atleast 2 because of it.I'll admitt that sony fixed the problem but people like you still have to keep bringing it up when microsoft already released the new 360s with the new chips in them.I think you are one of the ps3 fanboys that act like this.The fact is that if ps3 fanboys really think that microsoft screwed the people with a 3 year warrinty then sony must have sh*t on us with a 2 month warrinty.

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TrevorPhillips3630d ago

welll they can still talk about ps4 about whats its gonna have and all sorts of stuff

TrevorPhillips3630d ago

and also they should stop making games for the ps2 and start making alot for ps3

Bob Dole3630d ago

Why should they do that? There's still plenty of people who don't have anything besides their PS2 that buy those games. Microsoft quit putting out games for the original Xbox and that killed that system.

GVON3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

already been done on ps3

They need to bundle the eye toy with ps4,that way you could reverse what wii does and have a pointer for the ps3,and have full developer support

pupu3630d ago

PS4 CONFIRMED to cost 899 US dollars! PS4 to be a FLOP: FACT!1

PoSTedUP3630d ago

evryone say a prayer for this kid, no one knows what the f*** is wrong with him.

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