SOCOM: Confrontation 1.30 Update Features (Part 5)

Today, I wanted to give you the first glimpse of SOCOM Awards and PSN Trophies.

This is a very big addition to the game and one we are really excited about. In-game, you can see all of the SOCOM Awards by going to Records and then Awards from the main menu. We have three different types; performance, service and weapons.

This is one of my favorite awards. As you can see, we display both the progress towards achieving each part of the award as well as what type of PSN trophy the award will unlock (Bronze, Silver or Gold) shown by an icon. Awards which have multiple criteria will show you progress for each criteria. It takes 8 full working days under controlled conditions for SCEA QA to collect all of the trophies in the game. SOCOM: Confrontation is not going to be one of those "easy trophies" games.

One more note, you can only collect trophies by playing in ranked games. We want the trophies in SOCOM: Confrontation to really mean something.

We will have more details regarding the SOCOM: Confrontation trophies in a post. We will link it here once it goes live.


Seth Luisi
Director of Development
Sony Computer Entertainment America

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krouse933629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I really like this game i got it the week it came out not really intentional i just wanted to buy a game adn it happened to be there.

But i think this game really can be a great game if they keep patching it and adding updates and of coruse new maps.

If you are going to get a version get the official headset version i did and i think it's great.

pupu3628d ago

Mandatory 10 hour install FACT!

XBOX360 beat patchStation 3 FACT!

krouse933628d ago


Hello Retard how's Too Human??????

pupu3628d ago

No i'm just pp's best friend and an admirer of such a great N4Ger that is himself

lokiroo4203628d ago

pp sticks pp in pupu's pupu, pp and pupu smile!

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DJ3629d ago

I just don't trust it.

krouse933629d ago

That will probably happen eventually since it is an online only game.

SullyDrake3629d ago

I still have a ton of Trophies to earn in Warhawk, I'm not sure if SOCOM is worth the leap. Although I do want the headset, I might just get EndWar since I have absolutely no RTS's.

himdeel3629d ago

...will be what eventually draws me into this game. I've purchased 2 games for the PS3 this month which is one game above my usual one game a month rule. Nevertheless I will eventually add this one to my list of games but it will be with the headset.

Ju3628d ago

I got it. Primarily for the headset, though (and for Endwar, just to find out they have a combo for that now, too).

I haven't played it much since, because I need to replay some other games to fill my trophies collection. The game works fine, its a bit to much hardcore for me, I think.

But when the trophies patch finally arrives - and I might be done with some other games - I'll give it some love for sure.

They have killed the game with the early release, but I haven't noticed much troubles in the game (got patched twice already). It works just fine now.

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Kleptic3629d ago

I really wish this game had a demo...I played a lot of offline Socom 1 back in the day...but didn't bother after that for whatever reason...

I love the Gears 2 and now Socom achievement/trophy there are stats for progress towards certain awards...would be nice in Wipeout HD, as I have no idea how many opponents I have killed online in races, yet there is an award for 50 where am I?...a lot of other titles could use this option too...Killzone 2 is rumored to have a similar system built into the stats though, which will be you'll never have trouble knowing what exactly you need to do to get a certain trophy...

rdgneoz33629d ago

You can only collect trophies by playing in ranked games? I don't mind, just hope they add more ranked matches so you're not waiting forever...

LittleBigKillzone3629d ago

First let me say that This is the very first socom game i have ever played because during my PS2 gaming days i wasnt into online gaming at all i was more into action adventure single player games, but now im pretty much all about onling gaming. I bought Socom confrontation the day it came out because of the headset and hated it because it was very laggy at the time. Ever since the last patch the game plays really smooth and it doesnt take long at all to get into a match, this game is very very realistic and very fun

if you have a solid surrond sound system its the best sounding shooter out there. I also have Gears 2 and i use to love playing Gears 2 online but Socom is just much more intense, much more team oriented and fun. again, this is my first socom game so im not saying this because im a socom fanboy, im saying this a multiplayer shooter fanboy and i can vouch for this game. its awesome

mario8883628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Socom is the only online game I play now, I usually play 3 hrs every night and the only game I'm waiting for now is Killzone 2. Then I'll have the best FPS and best third person online shooters.

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