Capcom's Cryptic E-mail Reveals New RE5 Site

Jacob Stutsman of SmashPad writes:

"Capcom sent out a curious e-mail earlier today.

The link goes to this site, which makes no mistake that something came from Kijuju, the African village where Resident Evil 5 is set. The mouse controls a lone candle which can be used to scroll from one end of the wall to the other.

The following passages are found on the site

* Wesker is a liar!
* Progenitor Virus
* Sheva knew
* they are they are they are
* they are in Kijuju
* Seashell is evil
* The Kennedy Report
* Raccoon City wasn't the end
* Majini
* Where is Ozwell
* Flashbacks can't stop them
* Las Plagas
* Uroboros
* pg67a/w

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Amadeo3632d ago

As someone who works in interactive advertising. I have to say kudos to Capcom for stepping up with the big boys and trying to do something different with their advertising. You hardly ever see game companies really put any effort into their marketing efforts. I'm not even an RE fan and I'm intrigued. I wonder what it means.

Gammbit3632d ago

I don't fall for marketing ploys usually, but these stupid viral sites always suck me in.

Kleptic3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

am I the only one that...the more I see of this title...the less excited about it I get?...I don't looks great at times...and not so much in others...

to me Gears sort of took the next step from Re4 that was needed...and arguably did what Capcom should have, which was not even pretend its a horror game, or from a franchise until that point only focused on survival horror...

with Gears 2 pushing that even further (online disappointments aside), i get less and less excited to going back to Re4's control scheme and pacing...and continued lack of horror...that is of course assuming the rumors of 'gears controls' are false...and that the game is as unscary as the current crop of videos portray...

maybe its Dead Space that did they did a great job of keeping it nice and creepy, yet having excellent gears inspired pacing...all wrapped up with its own 'stretigic dismemberment' mechanic...too bad DS didn't have co-op, as if that was the case...RE5 would arguably have nothing on least so far...

Radiodread3631d ago

its not the mecha of shooters, doesn't even come close.