Left 4 Dead Guide: Dead in the Air

So you've bought Left 4 Dead, installed it, booted it up, and began a game with three of your best friends. But you are getting your ass kicked by the hordes of bloodthirsty zombies on the easiest difficulty setting. Not to fear! With our guide to the art (and zen) of zombie killing, you and your friends will be throwing people off roofs and busting through destroyed doors in no time! Just try not to get caught in the explosion of a crashing jet on your way through this guide. You wouldn't want to be squished and smeared across the ground out of nowhere, now would you?

Ready to return to the environments of No Mercy, sprinkled with a sharp difficulty increase? Of course you are. Fresh from your victory in Death Toll, it's time to work your way through another claustrophobic urban environment! Only this time, it's going to be so constricting that it actually hurts your team instead of helping. It's all worth playing through the urban environments again, though, because the finale is just so incredible. See for yourself.

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