TIME Magazine Names Home a Top Gadget of 2008

TIME magazine has named Home as their #10 "gadget" of the year. They state that Home allows "Users create their own human-looking avatar and get a virtual apartment near the 'town square,' a base of operations from which to socialize, play games and purchase an endless variety of Sony goods and services (think games, movies, music and more.)" As well as saying that Home is a "A cross between Second Life and the Sims".

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pupu3421d ago

Home flop of the year 2008 FACT!


cmrbe3421d ago

genitals and now you are crap?. Man seriously. You need to pick better name PP.

SmokingMonkey3421d ago

sorry guys, ive been MIA for months.

Been playing this great game, making know game 3.0

GiantEnemyCrab3421d ago

Sorry Smokey, even SOCOM has a lower meta than Too Human.

kingfury3421d ago

can you shut the fvck up before i have to come do somethin about it?

mrdxpr23421d ago

yeah but the diference is that socom is not a flop as a game is alor more fun then too human... too human made it self in to a flop that game is like pps new name pupu

SmokingMonkey3421d ago

plus Socom is online only and wasn't developed by Zipper, and wasn't made for the PS1. Plus Socom is Socom.

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Genesis53421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

Wow! That's big Time publicity right there.(pardon the pun)

chaosatom3421d ago

the guy who wrote it is not that smart.

CViper3421d ago

ball is in sonys court now.

Darkseider3421d ago

Nothing like free publicity to the MILLIONS of readers of Time magazine.

GiantEnemyCrab3421d ago

Who are probably 40+ years old and have no interest in creating a virtual doll and hanging out in a virtual space full of teenagers.

Way to hit the demographic!

Kyur4ThePain3421d ago

For someone who's not in the Home beta, you seem to "know" a lot about the people that are to be found there.
Trust me, you'd be surprised by the varied demographics found in the beta.

jack who3421d ago (Edited 3421d ago )

gadg·et (gāj'ĭt) Pronunciation Key
n. A small specialized mechanical or electronic device; a contrivance.

therefore home =/= a gadget

Graphics Whore3421d ago

It`s an APP that can be found on a gadget, seemingly they got there categorization obviously wrong but meh, Home is still awesome.

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The story is too old to be commented.