Sony: Home launch 'imminent', will arrive this month in the US

Amid rumors of a December launch for PlayStation Home, SCEA has confirmed to Joystiq that the social platform's public, open beta phase will arrive before the end of calendar year 2008, as we've been hearing for some time. "We've been saying it will launch by the end of calendar year 2008," PlayStation Home director, Jack Buser, responded when asked about a December release. "And that's getting very, very close," he concluded, laughing.

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pupu3657d ago

Avatars beat HOME CONFIRMED!


pwnsause3657d ago

Your mom gave me Head, Confirmed. It was good head too.

IzKyD13313657d ago

Isn't it past your bedtime?

steck673657d ago

Why does this have to happen...

Johnny Cullen3657d ago

"When asked how, exactly, Home will get onto user's consoles, Buser responded with nothing but a wide grin that gave us the feeling it isn't going to be via a mere firmware update or PlayStation Store download."

Ooh, I likey likey the sounds of this.

morganfell3657d ago

Likely other titles will ship with Home on the disc or free discs will ship to retail.

Fishy Fingers3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

I guess the Open Beta will be no different from the Closed. A 72mb (ish) DL which unpacks and reserves 3GB HDD then each part of Home you enter you DL as you go, Home Square, Home Theater etc..

Hopefully there'll be an update which includes new features/apps for those in the Closed beta and new users will have them from the get go.

MAR-TYR-DOM3657d ago

"Sony: Home launch 'imminent', will arrive this month in the US"

Whats wrong with that sentence?
US?! So we Canadians get screwed again eh? First no video store and now no home... thanks Sony for making my day.

FantasyStar3657d ago

Canadians? What are they?

Nah I joke, sucks2bCanadian. You guys should have just as much attention as we do.

Marceles3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Calm down...despite the title, Sony never said what country it's specifically launching for. Joystiq is an American site so they probably didn't care where it was being launched as long as it was launched in the US.

mikeslemonade3657d ago

I just realized something as big as Home is free. Besides the PSN but that kinda comes along with the PS3 system purchase.

ultimolu3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

By the gods, I say it's coming December 31st.
Believe. :D

rsebes3657d ago

"When asked how, exactly, Home will get onto user's consoles, Buser responded with nothing but a wide grin that gave us the feeling it isn't going to be via a mere firmware update or PlayStation Store download."


Everytime your ps3 connects to the internet, it does a series of checks.
ex. connected to the internet? playstation network running? Most importantly:

Your playstation checks on the server if home has been activated(turned on) in your region. If it has been activated in your region(us, europe, various other regions.. ) It will activate your HOME icon under the Network section of your XMB. From there you can simply click on the icon. From there it will allow you to download the latest beta version on the server.

So, they could activate it on any day of the week. You don't have to wait for a firmware update, or a Thursday store update.

Also, if they don't activate every region on the open beta at the same time. (for you canadians[or others] that are worried you wont be included) There is a way to get access....

acedoh3657d ago

Now when the service launches I am sure we will be seeing the full version. Stores I am sure will have many more items. I don't think they are being added right now since everything available is free to Beta members. I can imagine seeing some fun new features available. If you ever use foreign accounts you can check out Europe and Japan and see their HOME space is very different from ours.

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TheMART3657d ago

US... right. What about having Europe as the center of your marketingstrategy Sony as you said?

steck673657d ago

I remember when Sony said that the UK will get Home before Christmas back awhile ago. But it may have changed, IDK.

gambare3657d ago

why would you care anyway? you hate anything from sony and you don't even have a PS3, so why do you even ask? make public your PSN ID then we will talk.

Kyur4ThePain3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

Sony might notice and listen to you. Who knows...

Milky Joe3657d ago

While I agree that Sony like to shaft us EU dwellers, I think that the only reason it says US in the title is that the info came from SCEA. They tend not to get involved in EU dealings and wouldn't mention us whether Home was coming out here this year or not, so we shouldn't assume the worst just yet.

TheMART3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

@ Gambare

You couldn't be more wrong. I bought the LBP PS3 80GB pack and got Motorstorm 2 also.

I am not giving my PSN to some of the crazy tards around on N4G, get real.

I don't care about Home at all, its just that Sony seems to sh!t on Europe once again.

And about Sony... Well... I own 2 x PSP, a fat and a slim. But I don't like how Sony is taking care of the products no. For the PSP there are not enough games, but with custom firmware the homebrew software is fun. PS3 about the same story. It just got one game I wanted to play and thats LBP. After two years. Only one game that interests me. The next one will be God of War III and that's about it.

candystop3657d ago

Why don't you tell that same phrase to 90 percent of the PS3 fanboys on this sight that don't own a 360 or in most cases even a PS3. This is news for gamers and he has the right to participate in whatever news pops up like it or not.

Kleptic3657d ago

hahah you own a PS3?...and you won't give out your PSN name to prove that you do?...

all signs point to you lieing about you could easily give out your name...then delete any users that end up calling you an idiot based on your constant spam you post on this well as block them so you don't get any more requests...or you could make a alternate account, just to prove you have a PS3...get a trophy or something from each of those games (would take about 3 minutes for either)...just to prove us wrong...remember...the PSN isn't CAN do stuff like that, and not lose all your achievements, and get 'cheater' plastered across your friggin' Xii or whatever its called...

but based on your constant ignorance on this site...I have no idea why you would buy a PS3...unless of course you, as well as us, know how retarded you sound on a daily basis...and in reality you understand the Ps3 is far better than the impressions you constantly give...

i'll admit though...if you do have one...I'd love to play you in a number of titles...get killzone 2 in February...and get those that side with you on your pointless agenda to buy it too...would love to give new meaning to this 'console war' stuff...

SmokeyMcBear3657d ago

you know marty boy.. thats its really easy to make multiple names on your ps3 and have online access with each of them.. its not the each name costs 50 bucks a year to play online or 10 bucks to change garbage

gambare3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

because many of the sony fanboys as you call them don't use every chance to make flame comments in the gamer zone like the mart who enjoy calling "tard" to everyone who disagree with her and they don't use multiple accounts to keep alive their main one.

and the other interesting stuff about mart, if she dislikes so much the PS3 why don't simply borrow the PS3 of a friend to play the titles mart wants to play instead wasting the money on something mart doesn't like? that's just rant.

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Spike473657d ago

kicks @ss everywhere. I can't believe some people call it the Sims, lol they are sad.

Kleptic3657d ago

dude...what? enjoy it right now?...I agree it will be awesome when the game launching and 'war rooms' come online in coming you can actually meet people that play the games you have, then launch the game from there...

but just walk around and not really do anything...i've talked to some people about random I guess...but if it would just be what it is now...its going no where...the gaming aspect of the entire endeavour isn't even there yet...