The Top 7 Prettiest Games of 2008

The cutting edge of today is so dreary that even lively last-gen games like Dragon Quest VIII and ICO still stand out when directly compared; what they lack in polygon count they more than make up for with impeccable art direction and palette. Faced with this glut of dirt-brown games, GamesRadar felt it necessary to call out the most beautiful-est games 2008 brought, and if this year's any indication, maybe the next-gen smog is about to be lifted forever.

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Jamie Foxx3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

..when it comes to 'prettiness' and vibrant colours if you havnt seen it in motion you have to see it your eyeballs will melt,shoutout to lbp to

thor3577d ago

Yes I have always thought this - the engine is pretty amazing if you think that it's pumping out near-flawless graphics at 1080p/60fps. There's barely an aliased line, barely a polygon out of place, and the art style (yeah I know it's the same old one) is to die for. I always list when discussing graphical powerhouses.

Danja3577d ago

WipeOut HD should have placed on the list..

Valkyria Chronicles would have taken my #1 spot

POP looks freakin amazing in motion

LBP ranks high aswell

UltimateIdiot9113577d ago

For the most part, great list. DBZ should be replaced by Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm for runner up. Personally I feel VC and PoP should be 1 and 2 respectively.

40cal3577d ago

That was a nice change of pace.

RememberThe3573577d ago

The author had fun with it. I liked that.

mesh13577d ago

jamie fox shut ur mouth wipeout hd does not look ss good as you make it out ass . swine

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The story is too old to be commented.