What We Can Expect From Wrath's Second Act

Hi guys. Another World of Warcraft post, so be warned. Earlier this week I hit level 74 on my warrior and completed a series of quests which led up to an assault on the Wrath Gate in an attempt to draw the Lich King (the main antagonist of the expansion) out from hiding in his big, icy lair. A lot of stuff happens during this attack, which I'm sure many of you have already witnessed. Anyway, as predicted, things don't go as planned (it would suck if the big, bad guy of the entire game died when the player ain't even level 80 anyway). Following the destruction of the combined forces of both the Alliance and Horde, total war threatens to break out between the two factions.

According to the designers over at Blizzard, this little fiasco signals the end of the first 'Act' of the expansion with two still to follow. What can we expect from these forthcoming patches, then? Well, join me as I make some well-educated guesses:

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Cheeseknight283628d ago

Uhh... the first 3 content patches have already been described by Blizzard...

3.1: Ulduar Raid
3.2: "Big Surprise" (More than likely Yogg-Saron raid if he is not in Ulduar, otherwise Grim Batol)
3.3: Arthas

This article writer couldn't have done at least a LITTLE research beforehand?