UK Charts - Week 49

Top 10 -Individual Formats (units)

1.Mario Kart Wii-Wii-Nintendo
2.DR. Kawashimba's Brain Training-DS-Nintendo
3.CallOf Duty: World At War-XB360-Activision
4.Wii FIT -Wii-Nintendo
5.Wii PLAY-Wii-Nintendo
6.Call Of Duty: World At War-PS3-Activision
7.Gears of War 2-XB360-Microsoft
8.Fallout 3-XB360-Bethesda Softworks
9.Fable II-XB360 -Microsoft
10.Resistance 2-PS3-Sony

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N4PS3G3573d ago

Impressive.. looks like Fable II legs are longer than LBP legs

resistance1003573d ago

While that is true, it does help that Fable 2 has been sold for half price last week at gamestation

green3573d ago

what is even more surprising is that PGR4, a 14months old games is still in the top 30.But the game desreves it because PGR4's online community is way way better than that of forza 2.

Edit:wasn't tomb raider selling better on the PS3?

Lucreto3573d ago

Fable has jumped from 31 to 9
LBP has jumped from 28 to 21

It shows Christmas is very important.

Bladestar3573d ago

"wasn't tomb raider selling better on the PS3?" you actually believed that?... it probably happened in 1 store and some sony fan blew it out of proportion... everyone knows that Xbox 360 games sell better in the US and the UK... look at multiplatform games on that list.. and tell me which one is selling better on the PS3...

I mean look at how bad Fallout 3 is selling on the PS3... Top 8 on the xbox 360 and 38th on the PS3...

Az3573d ago

Actually, it does sell better to Ps3. And btw dude, punctuation please !!!

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Lucreto3573d ago

These figures are different from the other article

01. Call of Duty: World at War
02. Mario Kart Wii
03. FIFA 09
04. Dr Kawashima Brain Training
05. Need for Speed: Undercover
06. Tomb Raider: Underworld
07. Fallout 3
08. Wii Fit
09. Wii Play
10. Guitar Hero: World Tour

green3573d ago

This is individual sales chart while the one you posted was multiformat.

pp3573d ago

Could it even get more worse for ps3.

CrazzyMan3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

or like PS3 won`t be selling in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015?
like it won`t have 199-299$ price? =)

Like it won`t have MANY great AA games? =]
As long as Sony deliver AA games on PS3, GAMERS should be happy. Sales should matter only to Sony. =)

Capital G3573d ago

hahaha AA resistance 2 reppin the SONY exclusives

40cal3573d ago

You spend a lot of time hating on PS3 only games.

Jealousy and envy are not very becoming.

360 man3573d ago

wow this christmas has been miserable for sonys ps3

lokiroo4203573d ago

I didnt know it was christmas yet.

Xheratuul3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Christmas didn't happened yet my friend.

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