MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Photography 101

PlayStation Blog: "We put a photo mode into MotorStorm: Pacific Rift for a good reason - we think it looks pretty awesome, and the photo mode allows you to capture the best moments and save them so you can show your grand kids long after all your teeth have fallen out.

This blog post tries to teach you how to suck eggs with a few basic photography tips to transform those pictures of cars into works of art."

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shadowghost7523538d ago

Those are sweet, i cannot wait to get this game

Arsenal4Ever3538d ago

lol no offence but whats taking so long. It's already out :)

shadowghost7523538d ago

I do not have enough money, as i am saving for a laptop

remanutd553538d ago

get the game man, you'll love it, i guarantee it, game is amazing , btw they should call motorstorm online murderstorm lol, LUNATICS UNITE!!!!!!!!!!