Daily Joystick: Game of The Year

Daily Joystick writes: " Without further-a-do, here is the run down of the contenders for 2008 Game of The Year."

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pp3656d ago

Hahahahaha Fallout 3 kicked MGS4 and LBP ass what a shame.Is ps3 even worth purchasing hahahahaha what a joke of a console but bu bu blu-ray.

Bladestar3656d ago

Yep.. that's right... I agree 100%.

I just put more than 70 hours into the game... I discovered more than 159 locations (1 location left for me to complete). No game have being able to capture my time more than this game.

and there are still lots of things I need to do... like get 3 bubble heads I am missing...

I seriously can't wait for the XBox 360 exclusive DLC of fallout 3...

I loved fallout 3 so much that I didn't even care to buy Gears 2... which now I can do... ohh wait... I still need to play Fable 2... which I heard it's also very good.

pushergreen3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

So much fun playing this game I have to put the timer on or I wouldn't stop. This is my GOTY for sure. Plenty of choices for GOTY this year though, hard to choose just one, fck! I can't wait for the DLC as well, what a great game!
I have not bought gearsII yet either, to many other games that capture my attention more than a mongoloid teeny boyfest, yet I will still play it at some point I suppose.

Scotracer3656d ago

You're damn right, mate. This year's GOTY was such a difficult choice for me and my staff. We've been talking about it for months but I believe we've picked the most deserving winner. Not that any of the others are disappointments; far from it, they are all superb (in fact, everyone check out the LBP level I finished as I type called "Raining Fire" by Scotracer).

2008 truly was a gamer's year.

sinny3656d ago

They didn't wanted to make anyone angry so they picked the obvious easy choice ...
not that Fallout 3 isn't a good game ( wich it is ) but there are much better games out there.

Daver3656d ago

i kinda agree with you, fallout is a good game, verry addictive at first but it gets boring after a while, i didnt play it for a while now and i dont feel the need to get back to it now

No title deserve the GOTY 2008 but Metal gear solid 4 and i never been a fan of the serie, i never played something like this

SAiOSiN3655d ago

i would of given it to mgs4, lbp, or gears2, mostly mgs4. but fallout was fun.

ikiru33853655d ago

fallout was fantastic.....but i'd rather give it to LBP or MGS4