BITMAPS 56: Why Prince of Persia Reviews Are Wrong

Reviewers proclaim that this is essentially a masked QTE, with each action in the segment only having a binary pass/fail outcome.

Well, no duh.

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ablecain3632d ago

I enjoy the threat of failure in a game, as it makes success that much more rewarding... It isn't that complex of a concept and certainly doesn't warrant an entire article.

I simply can't enjoy games that offer no challenge, especially when I'm paying $60 each for them.

cain1413632d ago

I'm still interested in playing this game at some point. Even if it is "easy".

ihaten4glol3632d ago

I enjoy the occasional game that isn't grit-your-teeth hard. I'd still purchase PoP.

Viewtiful3632d ago

There's a lot more to this article than "it's easy." There's a lot of other concepts brought up.

Personally though, I disagree with every single word of it. I don't think PoP offered no challenge, but if a game is too easy it definitely takes away from the enjoyment of it.

cain1413632d ago

I'd say most extremes take away from games. If it's too hard it just pisses you off. Specificly if you don't have much time to play.

predator3632d ago

I didnt think it was getting bad reviews

italianbreadman3632d ago

Only a few, but the general response is favorable

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The story is too old to be commented.