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Yahoo Lists PS3, I Phone and Microsoft Zune among "Top 10 Most Overhyped Tech Products"

Blogs gush about them. PR campaigns blow millions on them. News anchors announce their arrival like they're members of state. And the rest of us suffer when they utterly fail to deliver. They're overhyped tech products, and unfortunately, we've run across quite a few of them through the years. Here are a few of our favorites… or at least, the ones we most bitterly remember." (Industry, Mobile, PC, PS3, Tech)

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iMad  +   2429d ago
I can't say anything bad about Vista
It has tons build-in software previosly i paid for. And it looks good runs well.
Darkseider  +   2429d ago
You sure you aren't running Linux? :)
ruibing  +   2429d ago
If you are the type to pay for internet browser, notepad, clock, calculator, paint, and windows update...
lokiroo420  +   2429d ago
Hmmm, wonder if the yahoo and MS buyout has anything to do with this ignorant propaganda?
kwicksandz  +   2429d ago
Well since the MS bid for yahoo failed.

Might i suggest your post is ignorant sony fanboy propaganda?
LethalToxins  +   2429d ago
Lol @ Kwik
That cracked me up. Bubbles. Not every negative post about Sony means they company is owned by MS. Some people just don't realize that. Then again, not every post about Sony/MS really means a damn bit of anything. It's just an opinion, ya know?
Darkseider  +   2429d ago
As for the article
Not bad. The ones I say the author is off on is the iPhone, PS3 and OLPC. The OLPC in particular was a huge catalyst for the $299 - $399 netbook market that's emerging now.
MaximusPrime  +   2429d ago
PS3 overhyped? I never knew that. Xbox 360 is the worst overhyped product.

released a year before PS3 and yet 33% RRoD
Shnazzyone  +   2429d ago
though the difference between the PS3 and the 360 is that the 360 delivered on quality titles. PS3 not so much. I can still count the number of worthwhile games on ps3 on my fingers (and I think there's still two fingers free to type)
TrooGamer  +   2429d ago
''I can still count the number of worthwhile games on ps3 on my fingers (and I think there's still two fingers free to type)''

In your opinion...
DiabloRising  +   2429d ago
That's interesting. I can count the number of worthwhile 360 titles that I cannot get on the PC or PS3 on one hand.

Please, comments like this are so 2006.
Danja  +   2429d ago
"I can still count the number of worthwhile games on ps3 on my fingers (and I think there's still two fingers free to type) "
are u serious ?

this isn't 2007 anymore dude , there's so much great games on the PS3 to even begin to list..

so either ur just being a lil fanboyish or you dont own a PS3..
candystop  +   2429d ago
No it's called the truth so quit spinning it. The only thing good about PS3 is KZ2 if it lives up to the hype and God of War 3 if they actually make it good gameplay this time around and not just graphics and story. 360 is where it's at and has deserved every ounce of hype it's recieved because it always delivers.

Edit below nipgrip: Actually those are also must have games on 360 simply because they look better, run better, and can be experienced the best way on LIve. Oh and 360 actually has more variety then PS3 with more RPG, rts, arcade title, netflix features, and community games. Those games you mentioned hold nothing against the slaughtering 360 has been doing on ps3 software. We have more games and better services period. You can keep showing games and claiming stuff but we all know the truth and soon you will too after years of denial.
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NipGrip  +   2429d ago
Funny.. As I can count the "must have" 360 games on 3 fingers.


That's it. Everything else (Rock Band, CoD4, Burnout, GH, etc) is on both platforms.

Candystop, you forgot about:

Gran Turismo
Uncharted (1 and now 2)
Ratchet and Clank
Metal Gear Solid (uh, hello?)
Wipeout HD
Little Big Planet
Resistance 2

Variety man, variety. 360 is nothing but a system that caters to games with guys with guns. And now it's trying the casual route, haha.. Good luck with that. That system has a problem deciding what it wants to be. Hardcore or casual?
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Jager  +   2429d ago
Yahoo, good job... wheres Vista on there?
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Harry190  +   2429d ago
I guess they never
heard of the PS2 back in the days...and how it ended.
Lucreto  +   2429d ago
PS3 was over hyped but it does deliver what is promised.
TheColbertinator  +   2429d ago
Really? I have yet to play a 4D game that runs 120FPS
beavis4play  +   2429d ago
i know you 360 fanboys love to rant on this every now and then but...
i'll ask you what i've asked others in the past. show where this was promise that was given by sony. it's not in the manuals that come with the system; not on the box; not in any commercials, mag ads.......it's not anywhere. as a matter of fact, i've had the system since a month after launch and have never thought about (much less expected) the idiotic belief you just posted.
go ahead and take shots about a lack of amazing games during its firt 8-10 months or how there weren't many demos available on PSN during that time. i myself can't stand how they separate (even today!) every software update.(like sony can't combine a few of these so we don't have to download so much?)but saying that 4D nonsense just makes you look like an immature kid. grow up.....it was never promised, expected or needed.
Microsoft Xbox 360  +   2429d ago
Steven Colbert is an Xbox fanboy trying to pass off as neutral.
lokiroo420  +   2429d ago
xbox 360 you know logic causes you to rrod, better be careful or I will have to ship you back.
ShinFuYux  +   2429d ago
I honestly think
the nintendo wii should be up there, instead of the ps3.

The PS3 was never over hyped, people knew the 600 dollar price before it was even released. People knew what the ps3 did and could do.

I also disagree on the Iphone, vista, and the macbook. This guy just wants to hate on the popular products.
Dimitri  +   2429d ago
Yahoo get you sh1t right !
SONY hyped the console back in the days, and said it would deliver games which wont be possible on any other console..Ok..

First year of PS3 - we see nothing much than bad ports from multi-platform games. PS3 was overhyped - doesnt deliver

Second year of PS3- we are starting to see better games, Infinity Ward comes up with great looking Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Was PS3 really over-hyped ?? Not really, it CAN deliver.

The end of 2008 we are starting to see some new games, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, Too Human, Motorstorm 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5 Pro. All games showing off amazing graphics, all done exlusivly for the PlayStation 3. Did someone say PS3 doesnt deliver ?? They must be on magic mushrooms.

The only reason why PS3 got some bad quality game back in the days was the developers fault. The produced bad ports which resulted in a consumer hate. They thought they bought a console which will be much superior, but what did they get?? Bad ports...

But you dont have to worry about that now, since SCE is working its as.s off to ensure PS3s micro-processor gets used to the max.
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rucky  +   2429d ago
I don't really know what you meant by Too Human there but isn't that a 360 title?
rexor0717  +   2429d ago
You get your sh1t right.
Too Human?
DiabloRising  +   2429d ago
What hype? The media still rides the PS3 hate wagon to this day.
Fishy Fingers  +   2429d ago
Ha... 2 of them are in my top 10. :)

Different strokes for different folks.
Nathan Drake  +   2429d ago
Poor Yahoo!,it's a good thing they're going bankrupt
Theoneneo81  +   2429d ago
They put the ps3 as overhyped Because there gonna be Buyed out by MS
Timesplitter14  +   2429d ago
well apparently they don't judge based on quality
SmokingMonkey  +   2429d ago
Did the Zune ever even generate any hype?
another failed M$ product (vista)

luckily the PS3 will be around for a long time, so it will turn around from this so called "overhyping"

SONY loses $300 mil on putting BluRay into every console

M$ loses $300 mil on some bogus 3 year warranty for the biggest blunder in electronics history the now infamous RROD

see the difference?
FordGTGuy  +   2429d ago
Other then the Xbox 360 now makes a profit even with the RROD although the PS3 can't even with Blu-Ray? The Zune now has over 11% of the PMP market that is 3% more market share then Apple has in the OS market.

SmokingMonkey  +   2429d ago
did M$ make money on the 1st xbox or lose money?
would you rather have Zune or an Ipod?

obviously M$ makes money on the 360

$100 on Wifi?

$149 on a 120 gig HD?

they are clever thieves

Thieve charge your credit card without your permission, if your XBL doesn't get renewed M$ charges your CC without you even knowing..thieves
FordGTGuy  +   2429d ago
I'd much rather have a Zune then a iPod better software, better subscription service, higher resolution tv out, better UI, device updates that are free and available to every Zune no matter the generation or type of device, free updates, free 10 songs every month with Zune pass, 90% drm free music collection and more.

I'm not protecting Microsoft the price for their HDD and WiFi is retarded.
Bob Dole  +   2429d ago
Zune or Ipod?
Neither. Sansa baby, hacked too. Very nice.
SmokingMonkey  +   2429d ago
Bigger Screen





and oh yeah GAMES (2 GTA's, SOCOM 16 player FREE online, KillZone)

Theoneneo81  +   2429d ago
LOL @Zune
Since when did Zune got any kind of hype last time i checked i think zune didnt even have 5-10 percent of the mp3 player market share Zune sucks and ps3 over hyped? Really i mean look what you get you get the best Blu Ray player on the market acording to CNN CNET etc the best exclusive games like Res 2 Killzone 2 LBP MGS4 all those games are nominated except Kilzone 2 since its not out yet for game of the year this article is overhyped thats what i think.
FordGTGuy  +   2429d ago
The Zune is a great PMP and is infact better rated and reviewed then the iPod Touch. Neither the PS3 nor the Zune were overhyped but I would agree with the Xbox 360 being overhyped. Most overhyped in my opinion would by the iPhone, iTouch, Mac Book Air, Windows Vista, Crysis, Sony dualshock controller design, Wii and a bunch of other gadgets.

Vista is awesome works great looks good and I can run Crysis on the highest settings in DX10 w/o a problem on Vista.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2429d ago
Agreed FordGTGuy. Where have you been man? Maybe I just missed your post's but I thought you left the site. Good to see you are still around.
TheColbertinator  +   2429d ago
Yahoo is a bunch of crybabies.They don't get a slice of the empires of Sony,Microsoft,and Apple and so they resort to bashing.Cry me a river
pupu  +   2429d ago
PS3 OVERHYPED product of the year FACT
Keele  +   2429d ago
Jrome  +   2429d ago
iPhone - Yes
PS3 - No
Zune - No
Segway - No (it's so sweet O_O)
MB Air - Yes
Vista - Yes, but it is a good OS
jack who  +   2429d ago
one hows the zune overrated?

two how is a laptop thats sup to help 3rd world country's overrated?
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2429d ago
Agreed. I'm thinking its like Mr. Colbert says and they are just being cry babies.

I've owned at least 15 different cell phones in my life and I test many new models. The iPhone 3G is hands down the jesus of cell phones and was one of the best tech purchases I made this year. Zune does everything the iPOD does and more! Yes, they have some style problems but the new models don't look bad at all and they are better priced and same build quality as the iPOD's maybe even better.

The PS3 well...
#17.1 (Edited 2429d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Theoneneo81  +   2429d ago
well im a mac user and ill say the air even though it didn't have much hype doesnt live up to what it got first off the price hurts the air tremendously i mean 1700 for a computer with no cd drive which dell and hp have in their ultra thin "air" style laptops and the fact that i can get a good 13 mac book for around 300 less which still is pretty small and light that has just about the same features at a better Value.
DevastationEve  +   2429d ago
I like Zune, $15 a month gets you much more music for the money and now you can keep 10 tracks as purchased. A nice free alternative is Pandora, which is great but if you skip tracks a lot (it's a streaming music service) it'll tell you that you can't skip anymore due to license issues.

I think Zune was overhyped at its LAUNCH, but they were quickly humbled by iPod's staying power and huge following. Today, Zune is everything that I want in a portable media player and Zune Marketplace easily beats iTunes Store hands down.
Fanboy Slaughter  +   2429d ago
*sigh*....three years in....
That's right folks, 3 years into this gen (counting 360's launch) and STILL there is b1tching about the PS3.

Look, we all know the internet is a fanboy-run hate wagon. yes, we are aware, you don't like the PS3, boo f*ckin' hoo!

You think it's gonna go away soon? You think that Sony execs cry themselves to sleep at night after seeing comment posted on sites like this? You think Microsoft execs cry themselves to sleep everytime the RROD is brought up? Hell no. This is business and we are consumers. We are their paychecks.

Hating a console isn't gonna make it go away, especially on the internet, where the most vile part of a person's demeanor glows brightly and proudly. I for one, wouldn't trade my PS3 for anything...I gave the 360 a shot a while back, and went through three in 6 months (with one sent back to me pre-RROD'd), so I gave up on it, for now, and got a PS3.

Now, for the PS3's reliability, I'm on my 2nd one, I was one of the few that got the YLOD and..yes..had to pay $170 to get a 60GB refurb. However, as I already had an extensive game collection (my first one lasted a year-and-a-half) I decided to go with it. When my wallet permits, I will gladly buy another 360 to play the few games on it I find interesting that aren't available on PS3.

Those that give into hype without looking deeper for information deserve to be swindled out of their money...it's called "buyer beware" for a reason.
callahan09  +   2429d ago
Yahoo have been either lying about, making mistakes about, or crapping on the PS3 quite a lot lately. What's up with them?

The PS3 launched over 2 years ago. Shouldn't this article be about the most over-hyped things NOW. The PS3 is certainly not over-hyped these days. I'd say it's under-hyped.
LokMessier  +   2429d ago
Some of these things on the list I haven't even heard about being hyped, such as the keyboard. Then again not that tech savy so that is probably why :).

Anyway onto the main point, saying the PS3 is hyped? Well I can say that about any system to, oh the Wii was overhyped, didn't have what I wanted, games were subpar, online wasn't as good as I had hoped and got bored of it within a few moments.

Xbox360 was pretty decent, I was not expecting the RROD, the games were very dull and seemed to be the same thing over and over again. List of games to play were short and almost had nothing to do, oh and I forgot to mention live wasn't free I did NOT see that coming.

"it’s starting to gain some ground, but we’re guessing the guys that originally shelled out thousands of them to impress their friends still feel like tools."

Excuse me for saying but the PS3 had ground, just as much as the 360 and wii had ground for developers to begin developing on said console. Also I don't see how the people who shelled out money are tools, PS3 [similar to the PS2] is a long-term thing, not a short-burst. I could say a myriad of other things but I'll leave it at this.

'By Nick Mokey'
^ I will remember that name if I see another Yahoo article posted here, not because of the PS3 slashing/mudslinging but merely after reading a few of the other "overhyped" things just as well. Plus last I checked [ though not very good checking mind you ] vista was hyped to be horrible and not good wasn't it?
kosovo  +   2429d ago
yahoo! forgot to mention that the yahoo search is OVERHYPED as well.
why is the whole world getting dull as it progresses
AriesFury  +   2429d ago
Half of the items are from last year. If they are overhyped, than why are selling.
Venomish  +   2429d ago
everything is overhyped except Metal Gear Solid 4 and Playstation3
Britney Spears  +   2429d ago
ps3-Actually works,great games

360-breaks with RROD and all games are on PC
sak500  +   2429d ago
PS3 overhyped????
I want my 7 usb ports and time bending "teh cell" technology utilizing games..
jack who  +   2429d ago
bu bu teh oh wait dam
HB-Sauce  +   2429d ago
If you read the paragraph on why they think the PS3 is overhyped, they seem to judge it more on the actions of the few that bought it off of ebay for 2 grand and not exactly the system.
Graphics Whore  +   2429d ago
Yahoo is really scrounging for hits.
paul-p1988  +   2428d ago
i would disagree with the PS3 comment, but the rest of them definitly flopped haha

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