Microsoft Confirms Halo Wars for 27th Feb in Europe, 3rd March in US

Microsoft confirmed today that Halo Wars, he action-based strategy game set in the iconic Halo Universe and created exclusively for Xbox 360, will be available in Europe on 27th February, whilst America will get it slightly later on 3rd March.

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rebirthofcaos3294d ago

XD looks like microsoft have fear XD XD

beast3294d ago

That is awesome. How they picked that date. So lets see if it is Halo Killer?.... I know ... I know I KEED.

whoelse3294d ago

Im betting that Halo Wars will get a bigger marketting push than Killzone 2!

360 man3294d ago

if halo wars outsells killzone 2

that would be the biggest embarassment to sony

digger183294d ago

How would it be an embarrassment??? please tell!!!

So, one of the biggest series of games on any console (halo) vs a small following game like Killzone. Yeah, that would be a real embarrassment...NOT!

360 man3294d ago

do not try it

if halo wars, an RTS game outsells killzone 2 the game thats supposed to change the way console FPS games are played, then im sorry but sony should just get out of the race why dey still can

NickIni3294d ago

People will buy Halo Wars because "omfgwtfbbq it's Halo!" regardless of anything else. KZ2 doesn't have that on it's side, and will have to win over buyers by quality.

Violater3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


Trying to speak sense here is pointless, people are just too happy to see things fail.

Megaton3294d ago

Oh please, you could slap a Master Chief sticker on a pack of tampons and the fanbase would buy them in bulk. Microsoft advertises every installment of their meal ticket like the 2nd coming of Christ. Doesn't matter if it's a crappy RTS game, it's Halo, it'll sell millions.

TOO PAWNED3294d ago

@360 man

If that happens, you will never see me on this site, quote me on that! Not just this profile, but those that can see my IP adress will be able to confirm this, better yet if that happens, ban my IP adress if possible. QUOTE ME ON THAT ONE

Fiona3294d ago

of course it could happen. Halo has a BIG CULT loyal fanbase! its fan base is millions. i would not be surprise if that happen. i know a few close friends that are going to buy halo wars. they said it is an integral part of the story and the universe of halo. and i believe that would be the case with a lot of gamers.

Kevin McCallister3294d ago

Xiphos wins this topic. Flawless Victory.

The BS Police3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I'm a Halo fan but you don't see me buying everything Halo related do ya?

I only buy the games, novels, and soundtracks, anything else in my opinion is just a waist of time and money. Alot of the harcore Halo faqns are really and intelligent bunch and we have our own expectations on what Microsoft should and shouldn't do instead of milking the franchise to death.

Gun_Senshi3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

People even buy Halo Diapers.

Also Sales does NOT mean Quality

If you say how sales = quality. Then Britney Spears is one of the best singers in the world World!

Edit: OOO Disagrees! I guess Sales = Quality and Britney Spears is the best Singer ever!!!

rucky3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Microsoft is just playing the who's higher in the charts game, matching all of Sony's big title releases with there own. Ninja Gaiden 2 is a good example of this. They're trying so hard to match what Sony is trying to do when they're just basically doing their own thing. Microsoft is scared of Sony rising that's it.

I still commend M$ for this decision though.

RyuStrife3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

I'm not so sure this time about an RTS game. I don't know about Halo 3, but for halo 2, I have 3 copies of Halo 2, 3 Xboxes and 12 controllers. All for halo 2. So if a person buys 2-3 copies just for either collection or "Systemlink" like how I did it, then Yes, it'll easily sell 2-3 million if 1 million of the "8 million" buys it that way. But I'm not sure about an RTS game, because when it comes to RTS games, I usually play it on computer...the last time I play an RTS game on a console was Red Alert on the PSX...

Bladestar3294d ago

"They're trying so hard to match what Sony is trying to do when they're just basically doing their own thing."... well that explains why the xbox 360 have done so much better as far as games is concern... Microsoft knows that Sony did miracles with the PS2... and that Sony is a worth paying close attention competitor... On the other hand Sony ignores completely what Microsoft is doing... and feel (sames as their fans) that Sony have no competitor... which is why they are focusing primarily on blu-ray...

So, I hope that Microsoft continue to "be scare" of the competition... that's why the xbox 360 is beating the $h!t about the PS3 in many regions... while it couldn't beat the PS2 not even in 1 region with the original xbox....

So, unlike you I rather my console of choice maker to be scare of the competitor and act accordingly... instead of being over confident and sit own their hands while the competition takes their exclusives and kill them in terms of sales... because that over confidence does not benefit me as a gamer.

360 man3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

thank you bladestar


@ below
how on earth can u say halo wars is gonna sell more. its a bloody RTS game for crying out loud even if its halo i aint buying that crap. killzone 2 is supposed to be the console genre defining FPS game. im sorry but if sony cant get killzone 2 to outsell halo wars then im sorry they should jus step out of the console race

mrdxpr23294d ago

halo wars is gona sell more no duhhhhh... now if we gona compare quality then kilzone 2 will kill halo wars cause i can bet that halo wars will not come close to kilzone graphics ... in sales kilzone might not do like halo but hey i dont win nothing from slales only ms and sony... now kilzone 2 will deliver halo wars well will not deliver cause ms never delivers cough vista

Gun_Senshi3294d ago

clown man is giving bubbles to his other clown friend woot!

pshizle3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

if halo wars sells better than killzone2 it will be sad since we all know that killzone2 is sonys number1 flagship title!

but we all know that halo has a bigger fanbase

NickIni3294d ago

"On the other hand Sony ignores completely what Microsoft is doing... and feel (sames as their fans) that Sony have no competitor... which is why they are focusing primarily on blu-ray."

There's a line between ignoring the competition, and focusing on them too much. Possibly Sony are more towards ignoring the competition, but who knows what goes on at Sony HQ. I really don't think they ignore the competition, but perhaps when compared to MS, who really focus on their competition too much, they appear too.

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3294d ago
JamieReleases3294d ago

Indeed, not normal that Europe gets a game like this first.

360 man3294d ago

well europe has been good to microsoft as of late

Gun_Senshi3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


Edit: Even more disagrees. I guess UK is whole Europe. While at it USA is the whole world because Microsoft says so! Did you take bubbles with your mutliple accounts like usual? Isn't it perculiar that certain extremely biased people have over 8 bubbles or see them go from 1 bubble to 6+ in 10 min?

360 man3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

@gun senshi

no get it through ur thick skull

xbox 360 has been beating ps3 across the whole face of europe not just UK

goodness sake in my 5.1 post did i sey UK or did i say europe...

wat cant u read, are u that stupid

if i was talking about uk dont u think i would have said uk
its even quicker to spell
why spell a 7 characteristic word wen i am talking about a 2 initials country

@jager are those the only countrys in europe?

@gun senshi i dont know wat ur talkin about but ive always had 5 bubbles, i aint got time to be makin multiple.

unlike you my life doesnt revolve around this n4g website

Jager3294d ago

If the 360 is truly outselling the PS3 all over Europe, why did the PS3 version of CoD:WaW out sell the 360 version in Spain Italy France and Germany? (Dunno about the UK)

Gun_Senshi3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Proof Where?

Last time I saw the news right on this site about sales it was PS3 is ahead of X360 in Europe. Offical not VGCharts that are never correct.

You also said EUROPE.

5.1 -
well europe has been good to microsoft as of late "

Quote before you edit it as the trend of one of your idols here

Dear Sir,
You always spam stuff without any proof from your biased mouth

Now I bet due to not agreeing with you I will go to 1 Bubble. It was like 2 weeks ago you had only 2 bubbles then the day after you had 6. How many accounts do you have? Its useless to disagree everyone can spot multiple account users easy. Also TheMART Himself said that you guys send PM to each other to supply each other bubbles.

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