7 days in gaming: stuff to get excited about in 2009

We look beyond the baby Jesus's birthday feast...

As we edge ever closer to celebrating the baby Jesus' birthday by overindulging on dead bird meat, cheap booze and spending too much of our hard-earned on overpriced and soon-to-be obsolescent (or broken) technology, the gaming industry works itself up into a veritable frenzy of excitement, based largely on the rather annoying seasonal habit of over-promising and under-delivering.

December is the time of year when gamers start to look back on the year just passed, so expect an inordinate amount of 'top tens' and 'best of 2008' lists over the coming weeks, as the review schedule starts to dry up from now to 'the holidays' and editors desperately look for content to fill their sites and magazines with. More excitingly, it is the time of year when many of us actually get the time in the week to play that copy of Gears 2 or Fallout 3 that has so far sat untouched, unloved and still shrink-wrapped since release.

And, seeing as everybody else is at it, here's our some handy top five lists from the week just gone to remind you what just happened, what you need to know to one-up your mates down the pub and what kinds of stuff gamers should already start to get excited about for 2009.

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