Sony's Advertising Finally Kicks In


"It's about time Sony spent their advertising dollars. New appearances in the UK are extremely promising for the PlayStation 3 and its video game library.

The sales of LittleBigPlanet have recently been crashing and burning in the UK, even despite winning a sales award for its opening month. And although the PlayStation 3 is the most expensive console on the market, LittleBigPlanet has failed to sell to even a considerable percentage of current PlayStation 3 owners.

If Sony can't blame the economic recession, the crux must clearly lie with their advertising, or lack there of. Nonetheless, as promised, the engines are kicking in, the wallets are opening, and the advertisements are starting to knock down Nintendo's television dominance."

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whoelse3629d ago

lol I must be missing all these ads, I seen one for LBP this month.

elorm93629d ago

Well, so far I've only seen one of the holiday commercials (the one with the stuff on their shirts). Can't remember which channel that was.

GVON3629d ago

I swear to god I've seen around 15 of the buggers's mad all week,if they continue this push into February no one will escape KZ.

Another thing I noticed for the first time was every new movie ad say's blu-ray and DVD now,that hasn't happened here before.

edhe3629d ago

I've seen LBP twice, and psp twice. However i see Wii & 360[tagged] ads twice a break..

god luck with that sony.

cLiCK_sLiCK93629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

Sony needs to swallow their pride and advertise the chet out of the PS3. Lets face it, the t.v just isnt enough.
Put ads in buses,buildings,cereal, chocolate bars,chips, and for cryin out loud, put them on happy meals. Promote games with celebrities. Put Sony blips in the air!

Sony needs to annoy me with their ad's!

elorm93629d ago

Nice one click, bubbles for you

gaffyh3629d ago

I saw one TV advert on E4, none on the main terrestrial channels (1-5). Sony needs to do a LOT more to reap the benefits, you only have to look at Nintendo and you can see how much difference marketing makes.

BBCnewsrocks3629d ago

This past week I've seen tons of LBP ads, literally at least once every commercial break.

uie4rhig3629d ago

actually i seen many PSP ones these past few days.. and today i saw LBP's twice in one break.. after that not at all lol

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Karum3629d ago

I've seen an LBP ad every day for the last week when I have the TV on in the morning while eating breakfast and when eating dinner after I come home from work. Sometimes I see another one when watching some TV in the evening.

So yeah you're just missing them I guess.

whoelse3629d ago

I guess its because i mainly watch stuff on the BBC.

The Killer3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

dude, stop watching channels that is being controlled by governments and that try to control people by what they put in their channels!! its ur responsibility to find an unbiased TV,newspaper,magazine etc for ur daily news interest, when u see a TV channel thats says always "this is bad, very bad for us brits" or "this is good very good for us brits" then eventually they propaganda will take over ur thinking and start to think like how they think!! trust me the story can look very different from different TV channels or media outlets!

the internet is the humans greatest achievement and we should use it wisely, i dont use my TV at all, all the information i get it from the internet, when i hear a story related to 2 different races i open the BBC/CNN etc and then i open AL-JAZEERA(in english) or the equivalent and if i want to know what happened in mombai then i must open a source that is close to the indians and the other source, thats how should a an unbiased person should do with the news that he is being fed on!

a person should never watch media outlets that is controlled by any government because surely that government will try to make u see with their eye of the story and we all know what they want us to see!

on topic:
i think sony is learning from the hard way now, they should have made these advertising much before!! i think sony exclusives dont sell because of the lack of advertisement, word of mouth dont spread that fast and many times never spread if the game is not breath taking!! many people dont know exactly what is LBP, they dont know if they will enjoy it or play it few times and never bother open the game again, the game dont look like have high graphics and very complicated so if sony dont advertise it well then it wont be surprise if its not selling!! Resistance 2 didnt have that great of a sales because of the same reason, they need to make people see that ps3 have a great exclusive and that no other game can achieve what it achieved!! too bad sony sucks at advertising, they r a bit greedy in that department! but they r getting it back in hard way with the low sales of their exclusives!!! i hope this will be a lesson for them, and i hope for their own sake to advertise White Knight Chronicles

whoelse3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

OMG thats the funniest thing I read all day. The BBC is not controlled by the government. It gets its funding by having a slice from the licence, thats it. If you actually watched the BBC you would see that it is non-biased and often publishes news stories that portray the government in a bad light, in the same way it will do the other way round. You need to get this paranoia out of your head.

green3629d ago

I wake up to BBC, watch a bit of light entertainment in the evening and then go back to BBC before i sleep.

The Killer3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

then answer me this, what type of news does the BBC have about the war in iraq? what do they show from the people thoughts in iraq? who is fighting the foreign forces? is it only al-qaida or normal people who r jealous of their country being destroyed and raped by the invaders and who is behind so many torture and civilian killings etc?

if it shows that iraqi people love the foreign forces and they think it came to free them from saddam and they want the foreign forces to stay and the only resistance r the terrorist al-qaida and only the terrorist and the militias doing all the killing then i think we both know whats their propaganda!!

then tell me this, how did BBC cover the chemical(anthrax) attack on falluja? did they say about 70% of the city was wipe out? and that thousands of children women and civilians died in their homes and kitchens and bathrooms? because i remember that when the US forces allowed the media to enter with them all was western media and i doubt that BBC was not one of them!

whoelse3629d ago (Edited 3629d ago )

I watch both BBC News, ITV and Sky and they all portray the iraq war in the same way, mainly that there is greater unrest in the country than before the invasion and that many want the foreign soldiers to leave their country alone.

I guess you never watched the BBC programme about how the real reasons behind the war was about money...

Anyway thats the last im saying on the matter.

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Raoh3629d ago

I have been seeing more LBP, PSP, Holiday Game commercials lately.. go sony.

San anto3629d ago

Ye since december 1st sony have actually advertised heavily in the uk for once XD

sinncross3629d ago

still nothing in south africa however...

Kyur4ThePain3629d ago

SA has much bigger issues than a lack of Sony commercials.

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