GamersInfo Review - Close Combat: Wacht am Rhein "As things go I was interested in playing another war game, so decided to give Wacht am Rhein a try. After bringing up the main screen, I remembered that I had played another Close Combat game - I forget the title, but I said to myself, "Oh, no, I should have really looked this over before reviewing it." I'll explain myself a bit later in the review.

The meat of the game is Germany versus the United States. This is an overhead real-time-strategy- style game, and when I mean real time, the action begins immediately from the get go. I recommend the tutorial as you get a good idea of how things work. It doesn't take more than 30 minutes to run through the whole thing. Without it, you will probably miss out on some important aspect of the game. I certainly did when first messing around; boy did I get my posterior whipped good.

We have three types of starting games: battles, operations and campaigns. There's a generous amount of different battles to whet your appetite. Campaigns play out in segments just as operations do. Or you can just do a scenario if you're short on time. Setup is easy; just follow the screens and make adjustments as needed. The default time per game is 30 minutes, but you can set it for a shorter time, which you may want to do. I had a few games in which the action stopped due a stalemate between both forces, and the battle may have lasted only 10 minutes or so. That leaves you with a whole 20 minutes of nothing happening. Boy is that boring. And you can't speed up the action or have the game state a winner till the time limit expires."

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