GamersInfo Review: Dokapon Kingdom "Party games are difficult to review. From a single-player experience, it is utterly horrible. There is just no way to truly have fun on one's own. But throw a second or third (or better yet, a fourth) person into the mix and BAM! Instant fun is had by all. Worse yet, if you want a solid experience, you have to buy into the Mario Party franchise or some sort of equivalent. It is not that the series is bad, per se, but for several years, the franchise has been doing the same thing several times over. And in some ways, the series is unbalanced. Gamers of my caliber 95 percent of the time rule those games while more inexperienced gamers are left in the dust. So if you're ready to try something new in the party game circuit, have I found a game for you. It's called Dokapon Kingdom, and it reigns over your PlayStation 2 with one controller to rule all players.

Dokapon Kingdom is about several different player-created characters who have been summoned to said kingdom. Apparently the kingdom of Dokapon has been conquered by monsters and the King and his daughter Penny are afraid that they'll be dirt poor in a few weeks flat. So it's up to you and your friends to save the kingdom from "destruction" and then go on weird errands (like curing Penny's poisoned dog). Why do all of this? Well, it is not for the glory or meaningless stars, but they do it all for the money. Yes, pure unadulterated cash and the chance to rule Dokapon Kingdom."

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