Screen Play Review: Prince of Persia

Screen Play: "During the last 20 years, the dashing Prince of Persia has had several significant makeovers, even suffering through a deeply cynical phase with a snarl. But one trait has remained constant: his thrilling athleticism.

The first chapter in a new series, the simply titled Prince of Persia, allows anyone to experience the exhilaration of performing acrobatics like climbing, leaping, sliding, swinging and even running along vertical walls in beautiful fairytale landscapes.

The controls are simple and the magical abilities of the fresh Prince's charming female companion (Elika) ensure you are never seriously punished for making a mistake.

This significant design decision, which makes it impossible to die, will be one of several major talking points surrounding the game.

Frustration is extremely rare, as even if you keep making the same mistake several times, the only penalty is you have to try again, usually losing just a few seconds of progress."

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