Game Consoles, Part 2: An X-Ray of the Xbox

Technewsworld: Of the three big-name gaming consoles on the market today, the Xbox 360 has been around the longest. It's no slouch in terms of processing power, it has plenty of strong titles and it offers the most extensive online community. On the downside, it's had a history of reliability problems, and Microsoft picked a loser when it cast its lot with HD-DVD instead of Blu-ray.

For all but the most dedicated gamers, the decision to buy one of the top three gaming consoles is anything but easy. Sunday morning newspaper advertisements shed little light on the matter, and Web sites are full of fanboy posturing over which platform is best. So which is better, the Xbox 360 Latest News about Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 Latest News about PlayStation 3? And what's up with the Wii Latest News about Wii?

The answers are nowhere near clear, and they're entirely dependent on what the user wants out of their living room gaming experience. To help those who are on the fence or shopping for loved ones, here's a closer look at the Xbox 360.

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