Home in 10 days? "We're not commenting on that story," says SCEE

SCEE's refused to confirm or deny a Times Online report yesterday that said Home's open beta was to launch in the next ten days.

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Mr_Bun3631d ago

"Not commenting" = probably least for Europe. I'm sure the Open Beta will hit US on that day and Europe will get it shortly after.

FreestyleBarnacle3631d ago

Forget it. Expect SCEE to mess us all around some more and give us nothing in return except high prices and silence.

Mr_Bun3631d ago

You guys do seem to get the shaft a lot in terms of $$$ and timing, but at least you will have access to PlayTV. We won't see that here in NA

Marcello3631d ago

I just think SCEE doesnt want to say anything cos things are getting really tight now, if Sony doesnt release Home in 10 days time then it probarly wouldnt be a good idea to release untill the new year. If it were to be released so near to Christmas and the servers went belly up cos of the overload wat with many ppl not working during the Holiday period it could seriously get stupid.

The way it is now Sony have 10 days to make good thier promise of year end release or release it very late in the year & risk a ton of problems & embarrisment.

Fishy Fingers3631d ago

The Home community manager (Ted the Dog) confirmed launch prior to Christmas for the EU (15 days), so regardless if the rumour is true or false, you'll have a maximum of a 15 day wait, but Id expect it to launch on a Thursday to coincide with most PSN launches. Closest Thursday to chrismas (ignoring Christmas day itself) is the 18th, which funny enough, is 10 days from now o.O

Sitdown3631d ago

and then start a trend each year where you give gamers something for free on Christmas morning.

whoelse3631d ago

Europe at least are getting their store update on Christmas Eve (Wednesday) instead so at the very latest we could see it then.

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ultimolu3631d ago

You know...if people would stop pestering Sony, they'll release information soon enough.

Panipal20053631d ago

Like heck they would. If people weren't 'pestering' them, they wouldn't bother sharing any news at all.

solidjun53631d ago

you don't even have a PS3.

Stryfeno23631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Yes I do own a PS3...I own all 3 consoles and HOME is nothing but vaporware. I moved on.

solidjun53631d ago

like I would believe that.

I own a Leprechan who grants me wishes.

Stryfeno23631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

LMFAO believe it or not.

Magic_The_Celt3631d ago

I know you have a PS3 Patchstation 3

Lol man, people think you dont own one because your so pro xbox and seemingly anti-sony

But hey man, people dont believe i have a 360 Elite because i bash the 360 SO much lmao

people are too stupid to realise, im bashing the xbots and still loving my 360 (l4d and fable II FTW) but loving and playing my PS3 10x more

Its aaaaaaall good :D

Stryfeno23631d ago

I tried to post some pics but this stupid website wont let me put JPEG formats. Oh well.

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gamfreak3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

just take your time SONY, it fine with me cause i believe in time you'll be able to delivered an awesome Social Networking App.

Jamie Foxx3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

but do understand the backlash they would recieve, their engineers must be working 24/7 right now so home can be released this month albeit in a nowhere near complete project, but as stated home will evolve and no doubt become an immense platform for sony

its a free app so people should be grateful

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