Resolution: Shaun White Snowboarding review

Pete Hulme writes: "There are some good, fun moments within the challenges that bring out the competitive element, especially the no-holds-barred death races where taking out your opponents is advisable before they do the same to you. But after just one run down the first mountain, you realise the control system is not going to be your best friend. There's no sense of control, making the tricks difficult to pull off and, even when you do manage, there's no feeling of satisfaction. And when you find out that the circle button allows you to throw snowballs at your fellow snowboarders, this takes priority over everything else in the game. But again, after ten minutes, the novelty of knocking someone off balance by smacking them with a direct hit to the back of the head wears off. It's at this point where you may find yourself switching the game off, putting it back in the box, and taking it back to the shop."

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