Saw Gets Cut

Saw: The Videogame, the adaptation of the long-running horror film series, is reportedly the latest victim of the financial difficulties besetting Brash Entertainment, with the title now looking for a publisher.

Scheduled for the latter half of 2009 - coinciding with the release of the sixth film - Saw: The Videogame was to be an Unreal 3 powered take on the sadistic series. However, the game's developer and publisher Brash Entertainment has recently laid off several staff members and is in the process of jettisoning projects – and the Saw adaptation looks to be one of them.

Horror site Bloody Disgusting – picked up by Destructoid – is reporting that the game is out to tender, and although work on Saw: The Videogame is nearly complete it is now looking for a new publisher.

We've reached out to Brash for confirmation of the game's status, and will keep you updated when we hear anything back.

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Darkseider3632d ago

no really! YAY! This is a good thing.. really it is.

Lombax3632d ago (Edited 3632d ago )

I mean, come on! If they allowed the AO (adults only) Rating... maybe. But even then what would the game play be like? A mini game to dig the key out of your eyeball?

shamv3632d ago

Horror games and Unreal Enine 3 = fail. I like gears and UE3 suits the game but I cant see it workin with a horror game which needs more graphical variety. But then again, look at what bioshock and mirrors edge achieved with it so I could be wrong.

3632d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.