Neocrisis: New White Knight Story Trailers

Neocrisis: Video shows 2 new trailers one after another. Trailer includes some gameplay footage.

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Baba19063297d ago

i wonder when this will be released in europe...... hope we dont have to wait 10 years

Chuck Norris3297d ago

For Sony's sake they better release it soon or they risk the chance of calling forth the wrath of Chuck Norris.

ultimolu3297d ago

Uh-oh...we all know what happens when Chuck Norris gets pissed off...:o

But seriously, I want this game.

Ggame3297d ago

Day one for me .. Yeah !!

The gaming GOD3297d ago

However, I had to download that theme song.

For some reason, the main theme sounds very inspired in my opinion.

TheHater3297d ago

dude, same here. I love the theme sony for this game, and I don't even like music like that.

AbyssGravelord3297d ago

Where did you guys find the download for the theme song?

Simon_Brezhnev3297d ago

yep its official ima try to learn japanese :)

maruchan27six3297d ago

I tried to read the info on their site, could only understand half of them.
Only 3 weeks more, can't wait!

George Sears3297d ago

Level 5, bring this game to the U.S. already!

~"I am the Boss to surpass Big Boss himself"

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The story is too old to be commented.