Music games lead kids to real instruments

Children are becoming inspired to learn real musical instruments after playing music-based games such as Wii Music, Guitar Hero, Singstar and Rock Band, claims a new study.

The study, commissioned by the UK's largest music charity Youth Music, claims that 2.5 million British kids have taken up a real instrument after having fun with virtual ones in videogames.

Youth Music's research claims that 19 per cent of British kids have picked up a guitar or other instrument after playing a music-based game.

Andrew Missingham, the music industry expert behind the report, said: "The music games are popular because they are family friendly and inclusive. And it is this take-up of the games that is credited with the take up of musical instruments, the development of transferable musical skills and even the development of performance confidence.

"This research for the first time shows conclusively that young people are being inspired to make their own music by games that first piqued their interest."

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MIA3632d ago

This is great news. Its awesome that young millennials and Gen Y are familiar with the classics b/c of GH and RB.

gamfreak3632d ago

more musical talents will be realised and dreams would be fulfilled for many kids.

Jeebus3632d ago

After buying the first GH when it came out, it made me really appreciate the guitar lines in music. Then after finally beating the game on Expert and feeling a sort of dead end with it, my friend and I decided to try the actual guitar.

I'm so glad I picked up the instrument, because it's given me a great outlet in addition to games and my other interests.

DR-IVO3632d ago

Ban music video games, music video games is bad influence for adults and children because of its similarity to real life rockstar. It can possibly lead to sex drugs, alcohol, jail and lots of money. [/sarcasm]

3632d ago