X-bit Labs: Asus P5QL-E Review

X-bit Labs writes: "Speaking of Intel chipsets from the fourth series we first of all imply boards on Intel P45 Express, which is in fact quite logical. Intel X48 Express chipset was the first one to appear, but it is pretty expensive, relatively hot and has only one significant advantage over iP45: it allows two graphics cards to work at full PCI Express 2.0 x16 speed. This chipset is used mostly for high-end mainboards for computer enthusiasts, so there are not that many of them available. Intel G41/G43/G45 Express and Q43/Q45 Express chipsets are pretty popular, like any other Intel chipsets with integrated graphics core. That is why they are manufactured in serious volumes, although the variety of mainboards on them is not very rich. The existing models are more than enough to satisfy the demand for office or budget home systems. Integrated graphics is not powerful enough for playing the latest games. Besides, microATX mainboards usually do not have much overclocking functionality, so gamers and overclockers have no interest in them of any kind."

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