Hexus: GeForce GTX 260 Review - Everything but the kitchen sink

Hexus writes: "NVIDIA's attempts to reignite its ageing graphics card line-up took a turn for the better with the release of Big Bang II drivers, also known as rev 180, which were made public nearly two weeks ago.

At that time, we mused on the tri-fold benefits - multi-display SLI, 'free' performance, and GPU-specific PhysX - and thought it a positive step.

Now with GeForce GTX 260 (216-core) pricing coming down a touch, it's time to revisit the old NVIDIA vs. ATI debate, to see who wins at around the £200 mark."

The Good:

+Excellent bundle, including two quality games and multimedia goodness.
+Quiet HSF (made possible by the reference card's design)
+Competitive performance from the latest drivers
+Plenty of overclocking headroom on sample card

The not so good:

-Difficult to find in stock from reputable etailers
-Warranty details and support aren't as clear cut as competitors

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